e-MFP Membership

e-MFP membership is a must for European microfinance & financial inclusion professionals working in developing countries. e-MFP offers great networking, promoting active cooperation between members which furthers new opportunities.

e-MFP has three different types of membership: full, associate (institution or individual) and sponsor.

  1. Full membership is open to organisations, with headquarters in Europe, who support microfinance in developing countries.
  2. Associate membership is open to any entity or individual involved in the development of the microfinance sector, within or outside Europe.
  3. Sponsor - a body that does not meet the criteria to become a full or associate member or that does not want to become a member but wishes to support specific activities of e-MFP may become a Sponsor.

Applications for membership are reviewed by the e-MFP Membership Committee. To apply for individual membership send your cv and a short letter of motivation to contact@e-mfp.eu. Organisations applying for membership must complete the membership application form and return it to contact@e-mfp.eu

Membership Fees

The Annual membership fee for a 'small' organisation is €800 (Full or Associate membership) and €1000 for a 'big' organisation (Full or Associate membership). This includes one free entry to European Microfinance Week (registration fee for non-members is €625 per person). A 'big' Associate or Full member is defined as one which has 20 people or more working on microfinance or with an annual institutional budget of more than one million euro.

Membership fees for an individual are €150 with the European Microfinance Week registration fee discounted to €250 (registration fee for non-members is €625).

Membership Benefits

e-MFP offers terrific membership benefits - see our full list of offers and services