e-MFP Membership

Membership of e-MFP unique community is an invaluable resource for microfinance and financial inclusion professionals working in developing countries. It is indispensable for those who are looking to interact with different types of inclusive finance actors, network with peers and identify new business opportunities.

e-MFP offers exceptional advantages to all its members – delve into our membership benefits

How to apply

  • Institutions interested in applying for e-MFP membership should complete and submit the membership application form.
  • Individuals who wish to apply should submit their CV along with a letter of motivation, explaining why they want to join e-MFP.

Applications go through a three-step approval process:

  • Review by the e-MFP Secretariat
  • Assessment and initial approval by the Membership Committee of the e-MFP Board of Directors.
  • Endorsement by the e-MFP Board of Directors

Institutional and individual applications should be sent to Gabriela Erice Garcia, gerice@e-mfp.eu


Types of members

e-MFP has two types of members:

Full members: These are entities with headquarters in Europe and which work in microfinance and financial inclusion in low-income countries in the Global South. Full members have the right to participate in all activities of the Platform and to vote in the governing bodies of the Platform, including the election of the Board of Directors of the Platform. 

Associate members: These are organisations or individuals working in microfinance and financial inclusion but which do not meet the full membership criteria. Associate members have all rights and privileges of Full members, except for the right to vote in its governing bodies. 

Membership categories & benefits

Full and Associate members are classified into six different categories.

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