The e-MFP Rural Outreach and Innovation (ROI) Action Group brings together multilateral organizations, donors, researchers, practitioners and investors involved in rural microfinance willing to address the challenge of providing adequate financial services to the estimated 500 million smallholder farmers in developing countries.


Action Group Head


Joana Afonso

Action Group webinars

Designing women centric rural products - Zainab Saeed

Loan Automation: Using technology to provide tailored microfinance - Justin McAuley

Building green communities - Marina Kortenbusch

Recovery lending in Africa

Effective cooperation through tailor-made electronic tools & telecommunication - Birgit Galemann

The Women Empowerment Fund - Johanna Ryan

Channels for digital services in rural areas - Etienne Mottet

Social Gardening - Leigh Marwick

Introduction to Microfinance Index for Market Outreach and Saturation (MIMOSA) - Daniel Rozas Daniel Rozas

The Reduction Energy Expense Product Delivery Model - Francois Rossier

Use of agricultural land in response to climate change - Johanna Fick

Finance for producer organisations - Bart De Bruyne

Financial services and sorporates - Mariel Mensink

Using new technologies in rural microfinance - Mark van Embden

Social issues in rural finance - Patricia Richter

Agricultural value chain financing experience from Eurasia region - Michael Kortenbusch

Off-grid energy in Kyrgyzstan - Roman Kühn

Energy efficiency projects in Kyrgyzstan/Tajikistan - Polina Zahn

Credit Scoring: Why and How to Get Started - Peter Hauser

Green Index: Innovative tool to measure environmental performance of MFIs - Davide Forcella

Index insurance in the context of R4 Rural Resilience Initiative - Mathieu Dubreuil

FinTech: Trends, opportunities, challenges - Hannes Blank

Introduction to agro value chain finance in Georgia - Tyler Green

Mobile wallets in Kyrgyzstan and Kenya - Etienne Mottet

Action Group publications

European Microfinance Week 2016 Action Group Day presentations

Brief No.3 (in English, French and Spanish):
How do microfinance member based organizations successfully serve rural areas? The Role of Governance and Strategic Alliances
Additional documents & bibliography
Role de la gouvernance et des alliances stratégiques: Les modeles participatifs de microfinance en mileu rural: les éléments clés de leurs succès
Como las  organizaciones de microfinanzas basadas en miembros brindan sus servicios satisfactoriamente a las zonas rurales?

Policy Statement on Value Chain Finance:
How to support value chain finance in a smart way