Below you will find answers to the most common questions asked of e-MFP :

European Microfinance Platform, e-MFP
39 rue Glesener
L-1631 Luxembourg
Tel.: +352 26271382

e-MFP is actively looking for sponsors for its activities including sponsoring of publications, Action Groups and European Microfinance Week. For more information email the Secretariat,

e-MFP is funded by its membership fees, the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs – Directorate Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs, the Luxembourg Ministry of Finance, registration fees to European Microfinance Week and sponsorship.

The e-MFP is governed by a Board of Directors currently composed of 11. The full time Secretariat, based in Luxembourg is a compact team of five which coordinates e-MFP activities. Christoph Pausch is the Executive Secretary,

Every application is carefully screened by the Secretariat to ensure it complies with the basic membership requirements. It is then forwarded to the e-MFP Membership Committee for approval. If passed by them, the application is then discussed at the next Board meeting and Board approval is given. Successful applicants are informed by the Secretariat. Finally all new members have to be approved at the annual General Meeting of Members.

Organisations applying for Full or Associate membership simply fill in the application form online on our website.
Individuals should send their curriculum vitae together with a short letter of motivation as to why they want to be a member

Membership fees for a 'small' organisation are €800 (Full or Associate membership) and are €1000 for a 'big' organisation (Full or Associate membership). This includes one free entry to European Microfinance Week (registration fee for non-members is €500 per person).A 'big' Associate or Full member is defined as one which has 20 people or more working on microfinance or with an annual institutional budget of more than one million euro.
Membership fees for an individual are €150, with the European Microfinance Week registration fee discounted to €250 (registration fee for non-members is €500). 

Membership applications are accepted from organisations which are active in the microfinance sector and individuals who are microfinance professionals with experience in the sector.

  • e-MFP is for European microfinance professionals working in developing countries
  • e-MFP is a unique multi-stakeholder platform with a diverse membership (banks and financial institutions, government agencies, NGOs, consulting firms, researchers and universities)
  • e-MFP facilitates innovation in the sector through its Action Groups, publications, European Microfinance Week and by fostering joint initiatives
  • e-MFP offers great networking opportunities
  • e-MFP promotes active cooperation between members which furthers new opportunities
  • e-MFP has a terrific annual event European Microfinance Week which gathers approx 300 professionals. Membership fees include a discount for European Microfinance Week: 1 free entry for an organisation (worth €500) and a reduced registration fee of €250 for individual members)
  • e-MFP produces quality publications which are widely distributed and members are encouraged to send contributions
  • e-MFP is an established European ‘voice’ for microfinance in developing countries engaging in dialogue with other influential microfinance organisations, government bodies, European and International agencies etc.

e-MFP offers terrific membership benefits - see our full list of offers and services

Full membership - for entities with headquarters in Europe supporting microfinance in developing countries.
Associate membership – for entities or individuals involved in the microfinance sector within or outside Europe.

e-MFP currently has 125 members from 18 European countries.