"Green is the most resilient"
Pedro Marchetti, FDL Nicaragua

About the Action Group

logo gicsfThe e-MFP Green Inclusive & Climate Smart Finance Action Group (GICSF-AG) is a unique multi-stakeholders think tank that brings together inclusive finance practitioners to discuss, exchange experiences and find common path in dealing with environmental issues, grab green opportunities and create new practical tools to advance green inclusive and climate smart finance.

The GICSF-AG disseminates its results among e-MFP members and the inclusive finance sector at large, with the aim of increasing stakeholders' awareness of and commitment to act. It is meant as both an internal knowledge-sharing and external awareness-raising platform that serves as a reference in the inclusive finance sector.

Our Commitment

We aim to contribute to fostering and supporting all inclusive finance stakeholders committed to environmental protection and climate resiliencies, by providing know-how, skills, tools and materials, and disseminating the knowledge acquired in the sector.

The role of microfinance institutions in environmental protection and climate change adaptation is no longer debatable. The clients of microfinance institutions are among the most affected by climate change, environmental degradation, as well as energy poverty, among other threats. To achieve financial and social inclusion the microfinance institutions need to manage these risks.

The Sustainable Agenda 2030 calls for immediate action. We strongly believe that financial inclusion stakeholders have a critical role in protecting the environment and their clients, and that there is a great opportunity to grab to join innovation to vulnerability and environmental impact reduction. Sustainability is a fundamental pillar for financial service providers, and it is our goal to support actors in achieving their green targets.

Our Objectives

  • Discuss current challenges and opportunities in green inclusive finance and ways to overcome observed challenges and grab identified opportunities
  • Improve inclusive finance actors' knowledge & action on environmental issues
  • Enhance cooperation among green inclusive finance actors, share experiences, create synergies, and develop partnerships where possible
  • Develop dedicated tools for green inclusive finance, recognized as "standards" by the sector and support their use among stakeholders
  • Provide training and capacity building on green inclusive finance to all interested stakeholders in the inclusive finance sector
  • Increase international attention on and (political and financial) dedication to green inclusive and climate smart finance
  • Publicize and disseminate the AG's findings in writing to other e-MFP members and the inclusive finance sector at large
  • Enhance the interest and concrete commitment of all actors (MFIs, investors, consultants, services suppliers, etc.) in this field

Action Group Heads

picture Natalia
Dr.-Ing. Natalia Realpe Carrillo
HEDERA Sustainable Solutions GmbH
Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS)
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picture David
Davide Forcella
JuST Institute, CERMi

Action Group Members

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