The Financial Inclusion Compass

The Financial Inclusion Compass was launched by e-MFP for the first time in 2018 as a way to leverage e-MFP’s multi-stakeholder membership and position in the inclusive finance community.This publication is based on a sector-wide mixed-methodology survey of various stakeholders, giving the chance for practitioners, investors, donors, academics and support service providers, among others to present their thoughts on the trends, future areas of focus, challenges and opportunities for inclusive finance in the short, medium and long term.

Financial Inclusion Compass 2021­ – the fourth in a series to collate sector opinions on emerging short, medium, and long-term trends in the financial inclusion sector. The survey on which this paper is based was open in May 2021, giving practitioners, investors, donors, researchers and support service providers the opportunity to evaluate and describe the importance of various current Trends, rate and give opinions on New Areas of Focus, and provide open-comment qualitative input on the expected (and hoped-for) direction of financial inclusion progress.

The results are fascinating – from the rapid emergence of client resilience and women’s empowerment as the most important current trends, to the number 1 spot for SME Finance among future areas of focus.

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Past Compass webinars

Where do we go now? Webinar launch of e-MFP's publication Financial Inclusion Compass 2021, with Sam Mendelson, Financial Inclusion Specialist at e-MFP and lead author of the Compass series, joined by Antonique Koning, Senior Financial Sector Specialist at CGAP, Malkhaz Dzadzua, former CEO of JSC MFO Crystal in Georgia, and Noémie Renier, Head of Debt for Financial Institutions at Incofin Investment Management, 7 July 2021

El Covid-19 Financial Inclusion Compass - conclusiones de la edición especial del Compass con Gabriela Erice, e-MFP y Georgina Vazquez, OMTRIX [ Ver la presentación en PDF ], Sept 2020

The Covid-19 Financial Inclusion Compass - findings from the special edition of the e-MFP survey with e-MFP's Sam Mendelson, Financial Inclusion Compass lead author, and CFI's Mayada El-Zoghbi, July 2020

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