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The online library on green inclusive finance is now available!

The Green Inclusive and Climate Smart Finance Action Group is happy to provide the first online database dedicated to Green Inclusive Finance. The objective is to be both comprehensive and focused, and to be a useful repository for different types of actors with different levels of expertise and who are looking to answer a broad range of questions. Therefore, the publications collected include academic as well as policy- or practitioner-oriented publications, which can deal with concrete case studies or more abstract concepts. The search options are there to help the interested reader refine its quest.

The online library aims to support exchanges of experiences, results, and lessons learned.

If you or your organization published on the topic, or if you have come across a publication of interest on green inclusive finance, please contact us and send us the publication to

The online library is hosted at HEDERA, IT Partner of the e-MFP Green Inclusive & Climate-smart Finance Action Group:


GICSF-AG Publications

Green Products Catalogue (2014-2015)

The then e-MFP Microfinance and Environment Action Group (now GICSF-AG) developed in 2014-2015 a products catalogue on Renewable Energy (RE) and Efficient Energy (EE) products for poor households and microentrepreneurs aiming to contribute to build an enabling environment for RE and EE access for poor households and micro entrepreneurs and to overcome some of the main barriers related to lack of adapted technical understanding, financial mechanisms, and distribution channels.