Given the importance of ensuring the financial inclusion of youth, the e-MFP Youth Financial Inclusion Action Group was established in 2010 with the objective of contributing to the growing body of experience in providing much-needed financial and complementary services to youth in developing countries.

The Action Group brings together microfinance practitioners and other professionals involved in youth financial empowerment programmes in order to find synergies and create value-added by sharing experiences and resources among its members. They promote initiatives which target the provision of adapted, accessible and affordable financial services and non-financial services to:

• children and young people, with a view to empower them and build up their financial capabilities;
• young entrepreneurs, to enable them to launch their business and develop income-generating activities.

The Action Group final aim is to help MFIs, together with organizations that support them, to listen and understand the needs of youth populations and take actions to help financially excluded young people.

Action Group Head

Ms. Severine Deboos, Social Finance Programme - International Labour Organisation


Joana Afonso

Action Group publications

European Dialogue N°8:
More Inclusive Finance for Youth: Scalable and Sustainable Delivery Models for Financial and Non-Financial Services

European Dialogue N°5:
Youth Financial Inclusion: Promising Examples For Achieving Youth Economic Empowerment