The e-MFP Digital Innovations for Financial Empowerment Action Group brings together microfinance and financial inclusion professionals with on the ground experience in the field of digital, electronic and mobile finance operations.

Nowadays the use of technology is widely spread in the microfinance sector and it is considered as one of the biggest opportunities to achieve financial inclusion, however the lack of competences poses several challenges that hamper the realisation of its full potential. The AG aims to respond to these challenges and provide the operational knowledge and practicalities needed to facilitate and ensure an efficient implementation of digital operations throughout the sector.


The objectives of the Action Group are:

  • To structure and extend the knowledge of the e-MFP members and the sector on the way financial institutions (FIs) are involved in digital operations around the world with a view of knowledge sharing.
  • Identify the best practices to make it happen: regulation, partnerships, “above and below the line marketing”, awareness and communication, distribution, how to pilot a model, technical solutions, business models, technical and financial assistance.
  • Clarify and quantify the effective outcomes of such initiatives for the FIs and for the clients.
  • Disseminate and ensure that lessons learned and best practices are effectively shared with FIs (and other financial institutions reaching low income people), practitioners, social funders, policy makers, the senders and the receivers of payments/transfers (and other parties if applicable).
  • Address the issue of technology and business model transfer or cross pollination from mature economies to developing ones.


Action Group Head

e-MFP Secretariat


Joana Afonso

Action Group publications

European Microfinance Week 2016 Action Group Day presentations

Tanzania Postal Bank: Digital Financial Inclusion through POPOTE, October 2016

FINCA Express Tanzania, Mobilizing Savings Through Agency Banking, October 2015