Learn how e-MFP members are driving the financial inclusion sector's response and how they are addressing the COVID-19 pandemic in the blogs, guides, studies and webinars listed below. This page was regularly updated until December 2021.

Let’s talk about resilience (blog)
7 December 2021 | CGAP

COVID-19 and microfinance: How digitization helps build resilience (blog)
6 December 2021 | CGAP

How can MFIs survive the pandemic storm? (panel discussion recording)
19 November 2021 | BRS

FMO partners with Northern Arc Capital on the flagship NASIRA Program to support young, female, migrant and COVID19-affected entrepreneurs (article)
18 November 2021 | FMO

Capital Bank of Jordan, FMO and the European Commission support young and COVID-19-affected entrepreneurs (article)
16 November 2021 | FMO

COVID-19 and microfinance: Managing trouble with restructuring (blog)
11 November 2021 | CGAP

Scaling Economic Resilient Recovery Through Partnerships (article)
11 November 2021 | UNCDF

How COVID-19 is changing financial inclusion (blog)
10 November 2021 | Triodos Investment Management

Advans Ghana recognized for its efforts in responding to the Covid-19 crisis (article)
26 October 2021 | Advans Group

Signs of economic recovery remain mixed
25 October 2021 | ADA, Inpulse, Grameen Credit Agricole Foundation

COVID-19 and microfinance: What’s next for equity investors? (blog)
21 October 2021 | CGAP

The Menace of COVID-19 for microfinance (blog)
19 October 2021 | CGAP

Bangladesh’s COVID-19 rsponse is taking digital finance to new levels (blog)
7 October 2021 | CGAP

BIO invests in vaccine production in Africa (article)
5 October 2021 | BIO

Impact of Covid-19 on the microfinance sector: focus on the Caucasus region (report)
4 October 2021 | Symbiotics

COVID-19 and Microfinance: What the data says about risk in the sector (blog)
29 September 2021 | CGAP

The precarious state of MSMEs: Understanding the impact of COVID-19 and opportunities to support their recovery (brief)
22 September 2021 | CFI at Accion

Supporting partners’ innovative responses to Covid-19 (article)
22 September 2021 | Oikocredit

COVID-19 : Défis et opportunités de digitalisation des Établissements de Microfinance au Cameroun (blog)
14 September 2021 | Amarante Consulting

Microfinance Solvency and COVID-19: A Call for Coordination (brief)
September 2021 | CGAP

Cool in crisis: How Bangladeshi MFIs stay resilient (blog)
1 September 2021 | MSC

Gender-focused solutions for the post-COVID return to rural areas (blog)
1 September 2021 | IFAD

Financial backing for 150 agribusinesses to counter the Covid-19 crisis in Northern Uganda (article)
31 August 2021 | CORDAID

Supporting small businesses during and after the Corona pandemic (article)
27 August 2021 | KfW

Overcoming Covid-19 challenges in India [interview part 2]
20 August 2021 | Oikocredit

10 Things to know about Nigerian MSMEs’ experience with COVID-19 (blog)
19 August 2021 | CFI at Accion

Overcoming Covid-19 challenges in India [interview part 1]
19 August 2021 | Oikocredit

UN Agencies join hands to help MSMEs recover from the impact of COVID-19 (article)
9 August 2021 | UNCDF

CARE opens 40-bed isolation centre for Rohingya refugees as COVID cases surge in Bangladesh (article)
30 July 2021 | CARE International

BlueOrchard secures second close of Covid-19 support fund (article)
29 July 2021 | BlueOrchard

Donation to help Tunisia tackle COVID-19 crisis (article)
29 July 2021 | EIB

Covid-19 doesn’t stop Incofin’s rural fund to fulfill its social mission (article)
26 July 2021 | INCOFIN

ADA listens to its MFI partners, MFIs listen to their clients to better respond to the COVID-19 crisis (article)
16 July 2021 | ADA, Grameen Credit Agricole & Inpulse

Indonesia teetering on the brink as COVID crisis intensifies – CARE staff in Jakarta report (article)
7 July 2021| Care International

Ongoing COVID-19 Business Continuity support for Off-Grid Energy Companies (article)
6 July 2021| Triple Jump

Coaching entrepreneurs in Tunisia to help them better cope with the Covid-19 crisis and its consequences (article)
2 July 2021| Advans Group

Snapshots: MFIs During the COVID-19 Crisis -  Global microfinance recovery continues, especially in Africa, but pandemic’s longterm impact remains uncertain
July 2021 | CGAP

Sustainable infrastructure post-Covid (blog)
30 June 2021| BlueOrchard

Defying the pandemic with new ideas in Tunisia (article)
28 June 2021| GFA Consulting

COVID-19 cash support in Amhara and Somali regions (article)
18 June 2021| CORDAID

Persistent credit risk: A threat to the solvency of microfinance institutions? (article)
4 June 2021| Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation, ADA, Inpulse Investment Mangement

Ugandan remittances decline but still are a lifeline for rural people (article)
1 June 2021| IFAD

Building resiliency among partners (blog)
31 May 2021| Oikocredit

Reset the reset? (blog)
31 May 2021| Triodos Investment Management

Remittance flows to Kenya defy the odds during the COVID-19 pandemic (article)
25 May 2021| IFAD

European Union and IFAD to support Ethiopian rural financial institutions, jobs and livelihoods in the face of the COVID-19 (article)
24 May 2021| IFAD

Peru fights back COVID-19 but deaths and contagious remain at highest levels in the region (article)
21 May 2021| Care International

Can we turn the COVID-19 crisis into an opportunity to enable indigenous capabilities? (article)
20 May 2021| MSC

South Sudan small-scale producers receive support from IFAD to safeguard their livelihoods in the face of the COVID-19 crisis (article)
17 May 2021| IFAD

Data shows farmers swiftly adopt digital payments during the pandemic in Nepal (article)
May 2021| UNCDF

Small-scale farmers in remote areas of Haiti receive help for food production and COVID-19 (article)
4 May 2021| IFAD

Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation's role to respond to the crisis (interview)
3 May 2021| Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation

Commitments for developing countries and emerging economies hit record high once again in 2020 (article)
29 April 2021| KfW

The third snapshot in the Covid-19 CGAP-Symbiotics series is available (article)
28 April 2021| Symbiotics

Why is the Covid-19 pandemic affecting poor countries more and what is needed to support them? (blog)
26 April 2021| BlueOrchard

Coming out of the pandemic: Regulatory expectations of supervised banks (podcast)
22 April 2021| Toronto Centre

How can financial institutions use digital transformation to help MSMEs recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic? (blog)
21 April 2021| MSC

Discussing moratoria and other pandemic-era measures, a Q&A with FINCA impact finance (blog)
19 April 2021| CFI at Accion

Advans further develops its omnichannel model and boosts digital channels (blog)
16 April 2021| Advans Group

7 Innovative projects using data to combat Covid-19 (article)
12 April 2021| AFD

Yes, Covid is the big bang of digital payments (blog)
6 April 2021| CFI at Accion

Digital information service helps small-scale farmers respond to COVID-19 (blog)
6 April 2021| IFAD

In times of pandemic: Aid for the Tunisian SME sector (article)
1 April 2021| KfW

Oikocredit’s investment of RD$150 million (USD 3.64 million) in Banco Caribe is the first international private subordinate loan that the Dominican Republic-based bank has obtained (article)
1 April 2021| Oikocredit

Deepening women’s financial inclusion through G2P Programs: Building savings behavior among PKH beneficiaries in Indonesia (blog)
1 April 2021| Women's World Banking

Small-scale farmers developing resilience to COVID-19 - Episode 18 (podcast)
29 March 2021 | IFAD

Crisis and opportunity: Reimagining inclusive finance after the pandemic (report)
26 March 2021 | CFI at Accion

3 Reasons why women health workers are key to COVID-19 vaccine access (article)
25 March 2021 | CARE International

Insights from the investment team: Resilience and road to recovery (article)
25 March 2021 | BlueOrchard

COVID-19: A trigger to enhance rural agent networks (blog)
25 March 2021 | CGAP

New investment in digital solutions will connect Latin American farmers to markets and banking services in response to COVID-19 restrictions (article)
25 March 2021 | IFAD

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs): Senegal country report (study)
25 March 2021 | MSC

Building Capacity for Client-Centered Cash Assistance (Report)
25 March 2021 | Womens' World Banking

Investing in Sierra Leonne's private sector during the Covid-19 crisis (article)
24 March 2021 | CORDAID

One year on: What a year of surveys tell us about COVID-19 and microfinance (interview)
22 March 2021 | Grameen Credit Agricole Foundation

The case of decentralised piping water companies: resilience of safe drinking water models during COVID-19 times (article)
18 March 2021 | INCOFIN

Cautious optimism: MSMEs are rebounding from the impacts of COVID-19 (blog)
15 March 2021 | CFI at Accion

Applying lessons from COVID-19 to tackle the climate crisis (article)
15 March 2021 | Palladium

She did it again: How Mrs. Usha turned her business around to adapt to circumstances (article)
12 March 2021 | ECLOF

Debt moratoria in the next pandemic: Be prepared, and be fair (blog)
11 March 2021 | CGAP

In conversation with NeedsList: A tech company facilitating crisis response (article)
9 March 2021 | Amarante Consulting

Care work during crisis: Pandemic unravels fragile gains in gender equality (blog)
8 March 2021 | CFI at ACCION

How gender equality in access to finance will drive post-pandemic recovery (video)
8 March 2021 | UNCDF

Niger: Restoring and education system hit hard by Covid (article)
5 March 2021 | AFD

Dominican Republic: The EIB and ADOPEM increase microfinance support for COVID-19 impacted companies (article)
5 March 2021 | EIB

Regulatory flexibility during the oandemic: Emerging lessons (publication)
3 March 2021 | CFI at ACCION

Fast and flexible: Adapting a reslience programme to respond to the Covid-19 crisis (article)
3 March 2021 | CORDAID

Kenya: Team Europe partners with Equity Bank to support business and agriculture amid COVID-19 (article)
3 March 2021 | EIB

What impact will the COVID-19 pandemic and the global economic downturn have on world food security? (blog)
3 March 2021 | IFAD

COVID-19 Has financial crime on the rise: An expert weighs in on how to disrupt it article)
1 March 2021 | Palladium

Crisis roadmap for microfinance institutions: COVID-19 and beyond (publication)
February 2021 | CGAP

‘Surviving a pandemic’: Five key insights from the Corner Shop Diaries research in India and Indonesia (blog)
26 February 2021 | MSC

Four ways to refresh blended fn the wake of Coronavirus (blog)
25 February 2021 | UNCDF

How microfinance can help remake the post-Covid world (article)
24 February 2021 | Grassroots Capital Management

Returning to microfinance field visits in India (blog)
23 February 2021 | Symbiotics

Weathering the Storm II: A Case Study of Financiera FAMA (case study)
23 February 2021 | CFI at Accion & e-MFP

On the economic frontlines of COVID-19: Early insights from MSMEs grappling with the crisis (brief)
23 February 2021 | CFI at Accion

The COVID-19 paradox: What made a small corner shop in Uganda, which was allowed to operate during the pandemic, close down? (blog)
23 February 2021 | MSC

Getting behind the corona statistics: How a small shopkeeper took on the pandemic (blog)
23 February 2021 | MSC

The second snapshot in the Covid-19 CGAP-Symbiotics series is available (article)
23 February 2021 | Symbiotics

In a post-Covid world, the urban poor face more risks than ever before (blog)
18 February 2021| Microinsurance Network

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on farmers- Kenya report (round 3) (article)
17 February 2021 | MSC

The pandemic has realigned the SDG compass (article)
17 February 2021 | GIZ

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on CICO agents- Kenya report (round 3) (report)
16 February 2021 | MSC

ECOWAS: Support during the pandemic (article)
10 February 2021 | KfW

Has Covid19 just unlocked digital transformation in agriculture? (blog)
8 February 2021 |  Boulder Institute of Microfinance

Building resilience and svings for women customers post COVID-19 (article)
4 February 2021 |  Women's World Banking

Blended finance in unprecedented times (article)
3 February 2021 | BlueOrchard

The will of microfinance institutions to maintain their activities during Covid-19 crisis (article)
3 February 2021 | ADA, Inpulse & the Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation

Data reveals impact of COVID-19 on livelihoods and futures (blog)
2 February 2021 | UNHCR

Management by objectives in times of crisis (blog)
31 January 2021 | Boulder Institute of Microfinance

Agility breeds resilience: A tale of two Fintechs innovating in the face of a pandemic (blog)
26 January 2021 | CFI at Accion

African Fintech Sector: Growing up with Covid (article)
26 January 2021 | Verdant Capital

Microfinance, an essential tool for the poor’s recovery (blog)
25 January 2021 | Boulder Institute of Microfinance

Help for Nigerian small-scale farmers to improve food security and combat poverty in the face of COVID-19 (article)
28 January 2021 | IFAD

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on low- and moderate-income (LMIs) populations and micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs)- (Comparative report)
27 January 2021 | MSC

MSMEs in Kenya amid COVID-19: A question of survival (blog)
19 January 2021 | MSC

Digital agriculture: key to helping small-scale producers overcome COVID-19 challenges (blog)
15 January 2021 | IFAD

Resilience in the face of adversity: The Grooming Center Covid story (blog)
14 January 2021 | Boulder Institute of Microfinance

Weathering the Storm II: A Case Study of Partner (brief)
14 January 2021 | CFI & e-MFP

COVID-19 unlocks e-commerce and digital finance among low-income women in Nigeria (article)
14 January 2021 | Women's World Banking

The Foundation's actions toface the crisis (interview)
13 January 2021 | Grameen Credit Agricole Foundation

COVID-19 unearths ingenuity and iInnovation from Ugandan startups - Highlights From Kampala Innovation Week 2020 (article)
13 January 2021 | UNCDF

Introducing a new fund to help women entrepreneurs during COVID-19 (blog)
12 January 2021 | UNCDF

ADA invited to the high level virtual workshop on the COVID-19 crisis in Africa (webinar recording)
11 January 2021 | ADA

Preparing for the long tail of COVID’s impact on microfinance (blog)
7 January 2021 | CFI & e-MFP

Supervising the new normal: Long-term implications of the pandemic for supervisory judgement (webinar recording)
6 January 2021 | Toronto Center

Have we passed the test? Reflections on the test of a lifetime (blog)
17 December 2020 | CFI at Accion

VisionFund Myanmar  COVID-19 Response (report)
15 December 2020 | VisionFund International

From crisis to opportunity: digital start-ups for African agriculture (article)
14 December 2020 | GIZ

Rapid response for social payments during COVID-19 (brief)
10 December 2020 | CFI at Accion

Farmers and small agri-businesses affected by COVID-19 (article)
10 December 2020 | ICCO/CORDAID

Scale2Save Covid-19-focused case study (report)
9 December 2020 | WSBI

Support for Morocco in the COVID-19 pandemic (article)
7 December 2020 | KfW

Impact of COVID-19 on banking agents in Bangladesh (blog)
3 December 2020 | MSC

Questions for EIB Group: DFIs, financial inclusion and the COVID-19 response (blog)
3 December 2020 | CFI at Accion & EIB

Good e-learning - our response to the pandemic (article)
2 December 2020 | GFA Consulting

COVID-19 drives drop in aid and spike in needs (article)
2 December 2020 | CORDAID

Covid-19 testing resilience of informal e-commerce in Pakistan (blog)
1 December 2020 | CGAP

Debt relief in the pandemic: Lessons from India, Peru, and Uganda (report)
1 December 2020 | CGAP

Coronavirus: Living with COVID-19 around the world (article)
30 November 2020 | GIZ

ICII 2020 highlights the role of inclusive insurance in an era of Covid and climate change (article)
26 November 2020 | Microinsurance Network

CORDAID Investment supports Malian health sector (article)
25 November 2020 | CORDAID

FUCEC members in Togo trained in the Microvision tool to define their strategy to face the COVID-19 crisis (article/report)
23 November 2020 | ADA

COVID-19: A Gradual recovery of MFIS in sync with their clients' recovery (article)
19 November 2020 | Grameen Credit Agricole Foundation, ADA, Inpulse

Conflict and COVID-19 push millions to brink of famine (article)
18 November 2020 | CARE International

Weathering the Storm II: A Case study of Vitas Palestine (brief)
18 November 2020 | CFI & e-MFP

CGAP and Symbiotics partner to monitor COVID-19’s impact on Microfinance (article)
18 November 2020 | Symbiotics

How consumer protection has driven Maha’s COVID-19 response (blog)
10 November 2020 | CFI

Signatory organisations report on Covid-19 pledge implementation and lessons learned (article)
10 November 2020 | Grameen Credit Agricole Foundation

COVID -19 recovery is likely to fail women- digital financial services can help, if designed well (paper)
10 November 2020 | MSC

How COVID-19 is changing financial inclusion (interview)
10 November 2020 | Triodos

BlueOrchard announces the launch of a Covid-19 support fund that aims to support more than 200 million jobs in emerging and frontier markets (news)
9 November 2020 | BlueOrchard

Weathering the Storm II: A case study of Spandana (brief)
9 November 2020 | CFI & e-MFP

Lending for water and sanitation during COVID-19 (blog)
5 November 2020 | CFI

Finance fit for opportunities and shocks: What helps poor clients most (blog)
5 November 2020 | CGAP

Will the pandemic exacerbate or mitigate the digital gender gap? (article)
4 November 2020 | MSC

Inclusion key to protecting refugees and their hosts amid COVID-19 pandemic (article)
4 November 2020 | UNHCR

Space, shelter and scarce resources – coping with COVID-19 (blog)
4 November 2020 | UNHCR

Supporting through a time of crisis (article)
3 November 2020 | FMO

Corona aid for small farmers (article)
2 November 2020 | KfW

COVID crisis highlights urgent need for inclusive insurance (news)
2 November 2020 | Microinsurance Network

Incofin launches with KfW and German Ministry BMZ an emergency liquidity facility to give smallholder farmers in developing countries breathing space (article)
29 October 2020 | Incofin

MiN members helping smallholder farmers facing Covid-climate change double whammy (article)
29 October 2020 | Microinsurance Network

State Bank of Pakistan’s response to the COVID-19 crisis (podcast)
29 October 2020 | Toronto Centre

Insights from the investment team: From crisis management to growth (webinar summary)
26 October 2020 | BlueOrchard

COVID-19 and saving groups (blog)
26 October 2020 | Boulder Institute of Microfinance

Focus on Colombia: G2P payments in response to COVID-19 (blog)
26 October 2020 |

Moratoria during COVID-19: How are they working out? (blog)
23 October 2020 | CGAP

Senegal: "Team Europe" sets corona emergency aid on the way (article)
23 October 2020 | KfW

Strengthening the resilience of 80,000 farmers in Senegal (article)
22 October 2020 | ICCO Cooperation

Women’s economic empowerment is the doorway to economic recovery and growth post-COVID-19; Fintechs are the key (blog)
22 October 2020 | Womens World Banking

Addressing the weak link in COVID-19 relief: how improving strategic communications can boost the impact of social protection programs
20 October 2020 | MSC

Combating Covid-19 with CORDAID in Ethiopia (news)
19 October 2020 | CORDAID

Post Covid-19 Lessons for MFIs in India (blog)
19 October 2020 | Boulder Insitute of Microfinance

Highlights of I2L Webinar: “Delivering social assistance during the pandemic: Lessons from Indonesia” (webinar)
19 October 2020 | MSC

Radio talk shows about innovations to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia (article)
15 October 2020 | GFA Consulting

Governments need to halt the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on rural women (article)
15 October 2020 | IFAD

After the storm: How microfinance can adapt and thrive (blog)
14 October 2020 | CGAP

Never waste a good crisis: memories intimes of Covid-19 (blog)
14 October 2020 | CORDAID

Radio in Africa: keeping people informed in times of crisis (article)
14 October 2020 | GIZ

How Oikocredit is supporting smallholder farmers through the pandemic (video)
14 October 2020 | Oikocredit

Bulletin: rapid and local solutions for the coronavirus pandemic (article)
13 October 2020 | GIZ

How the pandemic changed the landscape of the farmer (blog)
13 October 2020 | ICCO Cooperation

Why scenario planning is good for your health, and why scenario planning is essential during COVID-19 (blog)
12 October 2020 | Boulder Institute of Microfinance

Empowered girls lead the way to innovative and impactful solutions in the midst of COVID-19 (article)
8 October | CARE International

Weathering the Storm II: A case study of Viator (brief)
8 October | CFI & e-MFP

CDC and FMO grant Advans strong support to accelerate the recovery of small entrepreneurs (news)
7 October 2020| Advans Group

A stitch in time:  Oikocredit’s coronavirus solidarity fund is reaching those who most need it (video)
25 September 2020 | Oikocredit

Toronto Centre’s Guide to Supervision in the COVID-19 World (publication)
25 September 2020 | Toronto Centre

Nigerians are in desperate need of relief as COVID-19 reduces wealth and stresses coping strategies (blog)
24 September 2020 | CFI at Accion

FMO’s NL Business co-funds four tech-enabled COVID-19 initiatives for the African health sector (article)
24 September 2020 | FMO

Program-response to Covid-19 in Honduras (article)
24 September 2020 | GFA Consulting

Paying the price: Pandemic puts DRC’S fragile health system at risk (blog)
23 September 2020 | CORDAID

She told us so - Rapid gender analysis: Filling the data gap to build back better (paper)
22 September 2020 | CARE International

How long will MSMEs still survive COVID? Their request for support continues (article)
22 September 2020 | FMO

Resilience of safe drinking water models in COVID-19 times (blog)
18 September 2020 | Incofin

Youth saving & spending during Covid-19 (article)
September 2020 | WSBI

Social assistance payments in response to COVID-19: The role of donors (paper)
17 September 2020 | CGAP

The impact of COVID-19 on investments in inclusive finance (webinar recording)
17 September 2020 | LuxFLAG & InFiNe.lu

​​​​​​​​Advancing digital financial inclusion in Morocco (blog)
16 September 2020 | WSBI

Digital finance in the wake of Covid-19 (blog)
14 September 2020 | Opportunity International

Client protection under Covid (blog)
13 September 2020 | Boulder Institute of Microfinance

IFAD country programmes adapt to the COVID-19 crisis: Updates from the Asia-Pacific region (article)
11 September 2020 | IFAD

A resumption of activities under operational and financial constraints (article)
9 September 2020 | Inpulse, Grameen Credit Agricole Foundation, ADA

Rapid COVID-19 support for Zambia (article)
9 September 2020 | KfW

X-shaped recovery (blog)
8 September 2020 | TRIODOS Inverstment Management

Data collection in the time of COVID-19: Our partners’ experience in Rwanda and Tanzania (article)
7 September 2020 | UNCDF

Preserving liquidity in Ghana’s Susu collection system during the COVID – 19 crisis (blog)
5 September 2020 | Boulder Institute of Microfinance

Covid-19: a driving force for digital financial inclusion (blog)
4 September 2020 | Oikocredit

Sweden commits funds to IFAD to help avert COVID-19 food crisis (article)
3 September 2020 | IFAD

UNHCR Report: Coronavirus a dire threat to refugee education – half of the world’s refugee children out of school (article)
2 September 2020 | UNHCR

Yes, financial inclusion and financial stability are compatible goals (blog)
2 September 2020 | CGAP

MOVE UP mobile market: Creating alternative livelihoods for pandemic-affected communities in Cotabato City, Philippines (article)
1 September 2020 | CARE International

Refugee community networks help detect COVID-19 in Ecuador (article)
1 September 2020 | UNHCR

Strong Filipino communities work together against Covid-19 (blog)
31 August 2020 | CORDAID

Financial boost for corona research in low-resource developing countries (article)
31 August 2020 | KfW

In solidarity with Salvadorians – FEDECRÉDITO’s response to COVID-19 (interview)
31 August 2020 | WSBI

Strategic collaboration is the key to offering inclusive insurance in a post-COVID world (article)
27 August 2020 | Microinsurance Network

Holding on: IFAD-supported programme sustains assets – and rural livelihoods (blog)
25 August 2020 | IFAD

Performance FMO: focus on COVID-19 resilience for customers (article)
24 August 2020 | FMO

Incofin joins forces with Fairtrade International to support smallholder farmers in weathering COVID-19 (article)
22 August 2020 | Incofin

Microfinance and COVID-19: Is insolvency on the horizon? (blog)
21 August 2020 | CGAP

Help for India's poor in the corona crisis (article)
21 August 2020 | KfW

Survival, recovery, and building resilience: Transformation of financial institutions in the times of COVID-19 – Part 2 (blog)
21 August 2020 | MSC

Digital cash transfers in times of COVID-19: Opportunities and considerations for women’s inclusion and empowerment (report)
21 August 2020 | Women's World Banking

Insights from the investment team: Emerging Markets show resilience in uncertain times (article)
20 August 2020 | BlueOrchard

Building back better: Designing cash transfers for women’s empowerment (blog)
19 August 2020 | CGAP

How direct marketing can secure the income of farmers in times of a pandemic (article)
18 August 2020 | AFC Consultants

Left out and left behind: COVID19, hunger, and gender inequality (article)
18 August 2020 | CARE International

Mobile phones to help 1.7 million small-scale farmers increase production during COVID-19 economic slowdown (article)
17 August 2020 | IFAD

How does Covid-19 affect our social performance and innovation work? Video interview with Ging Ledesma, Director of Social Performance Innovation
14 August 2020 | Oikocredit

Advans Côte d’Ivoire launches its third-party agent network in rural areas (blog)
13 August 2020 | Advans Group

Four ways microfinance institutions are responding to COVID-19 (blog)
13 August 2020 | CGAP

GRAINE testifies on the COVID-19 response programme in Burkina Faso (article)
12 August 2020 | ADA

Hydroponics helps Kenyan youth keep farming during COVID-19 (blog)
12 August 2020 | IFAD

Shining the development spotlight on youth (blog)
11 August 2020 | IFAD

Relief for informal workers: falling through the cracks in COVID-19 (report)
7 August 2020 | CGAP

Indigenous youth in agriculture during COVID-19 (blog)
7 August 2020 | IFAD

Fighting COVID-19 through innovative digital solutions for MSMEs (blog)
7 August 2020 | UNCDF

Financial inclusion and COVID-19: Can this crisis be an opportunity for digital finance? (Part I)
7 August 2020 | UNCDF

COVID-19: Risks for borrowers as economies reopen (blog)
6 August 2020 | CGAP

New syndicated Tier-II facility to increase COVID-19 resilience for Access Bank Nigeria (articke)
5 August 2020 | FMO

How does Covid-19 impact on our investment operations? Video interview with Bart van Eyk, Director of Investments
4 August 2020 | Oikocredit

COVID-19 and Disruptions to Vulnerable Rural Livelihoods in the Sahel (report)
1 August 2020 | CGAP

Top 7 impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on West African women and 7 West African organizations’ proposed solutions (study)
31 July 2020 | CARE International

Study shows Kenyan borrowers value data privacy, even during pandemic (blog)
30 July 2020 | CGAP

Smartphones keep track of IFAD projects’ achievements and challenges in Brazil during COVID-19 (article)
30 July 2020 | IFAD

Business continuity plan toolkits
29 July 2020 | BIO

Above and beyond: how businesses are stepping up to lead the way through the pandemic (news)
29 July 2020 | FMO

A total of 25 organizations promote a campaign to empower rural, indigenous and Afro-descendant women in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic (article)
29 July 2020 | IFAD

The water man part 2 (article)
28 July 2020 | Oikocredit

Women in rural and agricultural livelihoods facing COVID-19 (blog)
27 July 2020 | CGAP

« L'entreprise à capital coopératif, un modèle pour le "monde d’après" » (paper)
27 July 2020 | Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation

Four reflections on the COVID e-MFP Compass (blog)
23 July 2020 | CFI at Accion

COVID-19: a moment of truth for microinsurance (article)
22 July 2020 | Microinsurance Network

Covid-19 affects MFIs of different sizes in different ways (blog)
21 July 2020 | ADA & Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation

Microfinance coalition, MIVs team up in response to COVID-19 (blog)
21 July 2020 | CFI at Accion

Ride-hailing drivers in Indonesia discuss livelihoods, COVID-19 (blog)
21 July 2020 | CGAP

Stigma harming Somalia's efforts to stop COVID-19 (article)
21 July 2020 | CARE International

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs)- Kenya report
21 July 2020 | MSC

Infographic: The impact of COVID-19 on migrants and remittances (blog)
21 July 2020 | UNCDF

DEG and FMO support Covid-19 affected SMEs in Bangladesh (article)
20 July 2020 | FMO

Indian agriculture during and after the pandemic (blog)
20 July 2020 | MSC

COVID-19: A harbinger of consumer behavior shifts among FinTech users (blog)
20 July 2020 | MSC

Responses to COVID-19: the scope for hope (paper)
17 July 2020 | Microinsurance Network

Living through displacement during the COVID-19 pandemic (news)
17 July 2020 | CARE International

Media outlets and business associations in the LDCs supporting the SME COVID-19 Survey (article)
17 July 2020 | UNCDF

Is there a liquidity crisis among MFIs, and if so, where? (blog)
16 July 2020 | CGAP

Rapid and local solutions for the coronavirus pandemic (news)
16 July 2020 | GIZ

Impact on Covid-19 on refugee savings groups in Uganda (article)
16 July 2020 | Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation

Out of time: COVID-19 aftershocks (report)
15 July 2020 | VisionFund International

Ask BFC digitization weinar series starts 30 July (news)
15 July 2020 | BFC Consulting

Q3 Outlook - Current system unable to heal coronavirus scars (article)
15 July 2020 | Triodos Investmenr Management

COVID-19 highlights need for stronger safety nets for gig workers (blog)
13 July 2020 | CGAP

Social media helps young rural Kenyan entrepreneurs battle the COVID-19 shutdown (article)
13 July 2020 | IFAD

Crise sanitaire, crise alimentaire
13 July 2020 | SOS FAIM

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on CICO agents- Kenya report
13 July 2020 | MSC

Approval of BIO Emergency Facility up to 50 million EUR (news)
10 July 2020 | BIO

UNCDF convenes webinar series on COVID-19 and last mile finance (article)
10 July 2020 | UNCDF

Online healthcare consultation management in times of Covid 19 (article)
9 July 2020 | Amarante Consulting

ICCO supports people’s fight against the coronavirus (article)
9 July 2020 | ICCO Coperation

Coping with COVID-19 – A demand-side view from Uganda (study)
9 July 2020 | MSC

FinTech start-ups in Côte d’Ivoire amid COVID-19: Expectations from the government and the regulator (blog)
9 July 2020 | MSC

UNHCR and WFP warn refugees in Africa face hunger and malnutrition as COVID-19 worsens food shortages (article)
9 July 2020 | UNHCR

COVID-19: Digital advice for farmers through App (article)
6  July 2020 | ICCO Cooperation

Ongoing COVID-19 business continuity support for Off-Grid energy companies (article)
6  July 2020 | Triple Jump

A consortium to support microfinance in Africs during Covid-19 crisis (news)
5 July 2020 | Grameen Credit Agricole Foundation

Emergency relief for small businesses requires a targeted approach (blog)
3 July 2020 | CGAP

The Democratic Republic of the Congo and IFAD partner for better nutrition and resilience for small-scale farmers facing COVID-19 (article)
3 July 2020 | IFAD

Flexible and creative solutions in turbulent times (news)
3 July 2020 | Incofin

Financial consumer protection: 3 Steps to better customer outcomes (blog)
2 July 2020 | CGAP

Peru: New IFAD-funded project to help family farmers to increase productivity and recover from COVID-19 (article)
2 July 2020 | IFAD

A consortium to support microfinance in Africa during COVID-19 crisis (article)
1 July 2020 | Grameen Credit Agricole Foundation

FMO gives interim update on impact of Covid-19 (article)
1 July 2020 | FMO

Microfinance lenders, impact fund, platforms and netwroks endorse principles in Covid-19 crisis (article)
1 July 2020 | Grameen Credit Agricole Foundation

Impact of COVID-19 on Nepalese coffee supply chain (webinar notes)
1 July 2020 | ICOO Copoeration

Solidarity: the strength of our network (interview)
1 July 2020 | Oikocredit

Refugees and their host communities in India hard hit by coronavirus lockdown (article)
1 July 2020 | UNHCR

How ADA is tackling the Covid-19 crisis (guide)
30 June 2020 | ADA

Stepping up rural finance to support smallholder farmers in Zambia (blog)
30 June 2020 | IFAD

5 adaptive measures for projects during COVID-19 crisis in Nepal (article)
30 June 2020 | ICCO Cooperation

Lessening the Covid-19 impact today makes a big difference for the future (interview)
30 June 2020 | Oikocredit

Covid-19: Using customer insights to drive your crisis response - BRAC International (focusing on its African affiliates) and Ujjivan (India) (webinar recording)
30 June 2020 | SPTF

Post-COVID-19 crisis: implications for financial stability, financial inclusion, gender equality, and international development (webinar recording)
30 June 2020 | Toronto Center

Get sick or go hungry: Afghan nomads battle against COVID-19 (blog)
29 June 2020 | IFAD

It’s time to deep clean our economy (article)
29 June 2020 | Triodos Investment Management

Adapting to the current Covid-19 crisis: Advans Ghana and Advans Myanmar's experiences (video)
26 June 2020 | ADVANS

SCEB during the Covid-19 pandemic (article)
26 June 2020 | Alterfin

BMZ assumes premium payment for drought insurance (news)
26 June 2020 | KFW

Insights from the investment team: a cautious return to normality for the microfinance sector (blog)
25 June 2020 | BlueOrchard

SONGO continues support to beneficiaries amid COVID-19 (article)
25 June 2020 | ICCO Cooperation

Cambodia: Getting help quickly to the very poorest (article)
24 June 2020 | GIZ

Incofin and other Belgian impact investors call for action upon public and private actors (article)
24 June 2020 | Incofin Investment Management

VisionFund Africa MFI survey on the impact of COVID-19 on clients (report)
23 June 2020 | VisionFund International

Manage the crisis better with OSCAR: A digital platform facilitates COVID-19 decision-making (article)
22 June 2020 | GIZ

Beyond the difficulties posed by COVID-19, new opportuntities are emerging for MFIs (article)
19 June 2020 | ADA & Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation

Coping with COVID-19 in Bangladesh (study)
19 June 2020 | MSC

COVID-19 changing the landscape for migrants and remittances (blog)
19 June 2020 | UNCDF

Seven refugees making a difference during the time of COVID-19 (blog)
19 June 2020 | UNHCR

ADA leveraged EUR 1 million to help its partners overcome the crisis! (article)
18 June 2020 | ADA

How are women entrepreneurs coping with COVID-19? (blog)
18 June 2020 | CARE International

A look at how refugees around the world are living during COVID-19 (photo essay)
18 June 2020 | CARE International

Survey shows gathering clouds, but no storm (yet) for microfinance (blog)
18 June 2020 | CGAP

Never let a good crisis go to waste (blog)
18 June 2020 | IFAD

SHG awareness and SRLM employee training comic on coronavirus (article)
18 June 2020 | MSC

The water man part 1 (article)
18 June 2020 | Oikocredit

Impact of COVID-19 on refugee saving groups in Uganda (survey)
18 June 2020 | Opportunity International

Mixed impact and common goal after COVID-19 (article)
17 June 2020 | Triodos Investment Management

How ADA is tackling the Covid-19 crisis (article)
16 June 2020 | ADA

On International Day of Family Remittances, IFAD calls for remittance service providers to be declared essential businesses in times of crisis (article)
16 June 2020 | IFAD

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on MSMEs: Indonesia report (study)
16 June 2020 | MSC

Covid-19: Using customer insights to drive your crisis response - FINCA International and Annapurna (India) (webinar recording)
16 June 2020 | SPTF

COVID-19 in Africa cities: Impacts, responses and policies (paper)
16 June 2020 | UNCDF

Microfinance and COVID-19: A framework for regulatory response (paper)
15 June 2020 | CGAP

Coping with COVID-19 - a multi-country perspective: Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Kenya, and Uganda (report)
15 June 2020 | MSC

Triodos Bank proposes concrete agenda for resilient and inclusive recovery (article)
15 June 2020 | Triodos Investment Management

COVID-19 exposes opportunities as well as vulnerabilities for migrants’ remittances to Senegal (blog)
15 June 2020 | UNCDF

Impact of COVID-19 on Myanmar’s migrants and remittances (paper)
15 June 2020 | UNCDF

Covid-19, low income finance and nine takeaways from a quick survey (blog)
15 June 2020 | Women's World Banking

Fighting the COVID-19 pandemic in high-risk areas of DRC (blog)
14 June 2020 | CORDAID

10 sustainable ways out of the crisis (interview)
14 June 2020 | Triodos Investment Mangagement

More than ever, HealthTechs can provide solutions to the unprecedented COVID-19 health crisis (blog)
12 June | MSC

Coping with COVID-19 (study)
12 June | MSC

BlueOrchard expands its technical assistance offering (blog)
11 June 2020 | BlueOrchard

GFA’s successful contribution to more food security in Togo (news)
11 June 2020 | GFA Consulting

Survive to thrive: interview with Larry Reed (interview)
11 June 2020 | Opportunity International

Covid-19: Using customer insights to drive your crisis response (webinar recording)
10 June 2020 | SPTF

COVID-19: The decline of global remittances puts rural families at risk (blog)
10 June 2020 | IFAD

Introduction to institutional resilience (webinar recording)
10 June 2020 | SPTF

The clothing industry during and after corona (blog)
10 June 2020 | Triodos Investment Management

Perspectives from the frontline: How Advans CI is dealing with the COVID-19 crisis (blog)
9 June 2020 | ADVANS Group

How is the pandemic affecting agents? Here’s what providers tell us (blog)
9 June 2020 | CGAP

Most countries fail to include women in their COVID-19 response teams & plans (study)
9 June 2020 | CARE International

Helping the poor get through the corona crisis in Morocco (news)
9 June 2020 | GFA Consulting

Coping measures for “measurement” in the time of COVID-19 (blog)
9 June 2020 | MSC

COVID-19 reveals the limits of individual action and market-based solutions (blog)
8 June 2020 | Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion

GFA energy sector: strategic alignment in times of crisis (paper)
8 June 2020 | GFA Consulting

Maintaining critical extension services for smallholders during COVID-19 (blog)
8 June 2020 | IFAD

Indonesia’s retail credit crunch requires action to keep shelves full (blog)
5 June 2020 | CGAP

We are looking up to business correspondents in the pandemic; but what are they looking at? (blog)
4 June 2020 | MSC

Building up family farmers’ resilience through nature-based solutions in Latin America and the Caribbean (blog)
4 June 2020 | IFAD

Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs): India report (study)
4 June 2020 | MSC

What are the consequences of the COVID-19 epidemic on SMEs in Senegal? (webinar recording in French)
3 June 2020 | ADA

Masks for Darfur: co-production in Sudan to tackle the pandemic (news)
3 June 2020 | GIZ

CARE International and UN Women advocate for rapid gender analysis in crisis response to reduce inequality in LAC (blog)
3 June 2020 | Care International

New signatories of the pledge to protect MFIs and their clients from the economic effects of the COVID-19 (news)
2 June 2020 | Grameen Credit Agricole Foundation

The impact of COVID-19 on smallholders in China (blog)
2 June 2020 | IFAD

Weathering a perfect storm – Part 2: Seven ways Fintechs can survive the COVID-19 pandemic (blog)
2 June 2020 | MSC

Weathering a perfect storm – Part 1: The challenges facing Fintechs in emerging markets during COVID-19 (blog)
2 June 2020 | MSC

Supervising the new normal - Part 1 (webinar recording)
1 June 2020 | Toronto Center

AFC reacts to Covid-19 (leaflet)
29 May 2020 | AFC Consultants

What’s needed to protect food security in Africa during COVID-19 (blog)
29 May 2020 | IFAD

COVID-19: Impacted yet proactive youth response to the crisis through innovation (blog)
29 May 2020 | MSC

COVID-19 in the heart of South America (blog)
28 May 2020 | ICCO Cooperation

The potential impact of COVID-19 on China’s food security: Prospects for food imports (blog)
28 May 2020 | IFAD

Mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on small-scale agriculture in The Gambia (blog)
28 May 2020 | IFAD

Unprotected workers during the COVID-19 pandemic (blog/webinar recording)
28 May 2020 | Microinsurance Network

Peer-to-peer insurance and the response to COVID-19 (blog/webinar recording)
28 May 2020 | Microinsurance Network

How financial service providers play a role in healthcare’s response to Covid-19 (blog)
28 May 2020 | Women's World Banking

Financial services build resilience in face of crises like COVID-19 (blog)
27 May 2020 | CGAP

Protecting health and protecting livelihoods: a delicate balance in the era of COVID-19 (blog)
27 May 2020 | IFAD

Long-term development supports quick action in a crisis: an update from Asia and the Pacific (blog)
27 May 2020 | IFAD

Staying ahead of coronavirus webinar sessions (webinar recording)
27 May 2020 | Oikocredit

Towards a more sustainable, less vulnerable economy (interview)
27 May 2020 | Triodos

Financial inclusion is going digital. Can women follow? (blog)
27 May  2020 | University of Zurich & Women's World Banking

Fate of MFIs post the COVID-19 lockdown – will they prove resilient again? (blog)
26 May 2020 | MSC

How the micro and small enterprises can survive, revive and thrive (blog)
26 May 2020 | ICCO Cooperation

Liquidity risk management during COVID: Focus on Myanmar (webinar recording)
26 May 2020 | SPTF

Urban refugees struggling to survive as economic impact of COVID-19 worsens in East, Horn and Great Lakes of Africa (press briefing)
26 May | UNHCR

Urban refugees face hunger in Uganda coronavirus lockdown (blog)
26 May | UNHCR

Going digital for loan disbursements and repayments: A smart move in the time of Covid-19 (blog)
26 May | Women's World Banking

Engaging and taking care of our staff through the Covid-19 crisis
25 May 2020 | ADVANS Group

COVID-19 changing the landscape for migrants and remittances (study)
24 May 2020 | UNCDF

Helping MSMEs get back on their feet – Insights from MSMEs in the Philippines that have overcome disasters (blog)
22 May 2020 | MSC

Liquidty risk management during COVID-19 (webinar recording)
22 May 2020 | ADA, SPTF & Oikocredit

Pandemics & financial inclusion: Part 4 (webinar recording)
22 May 2020 | Toronto Centre

Ghana launches world’s first Digital Finance Policy amid COVID-19 (blog)
21 May 2020 | CGAP

Microfinance coalition: Call to action for investors (blog)
21 May 2020 | CFI at Accion

The COVID-19 pandemic: Supervisory implications and priorities for Islamic Banking (report)
21 May 2020 | Toronto Centre

How COVID-19 is changing gender norms in West Africa (study)
20 May 2020 | CARE International

COVID-19 threatens the microfinance sector and the livelihoods of those we serve: Building a coalition for collective action (blog)
20 May 2020 | CFI at Accion

Harnessing the power of digital solutions for health and education during and post COVID-19 in Uganda (article)
20 May 2020 | UNCDF

Q and A with MSC: Using comics for COVID-19 awareness (blog)
18 May 2020 | CFI

COVID-19 response in the Philippines: Linking disaster risk reduction with humanitarian action (blog)
18 MAY 2020 | CORDAID

Microfinance institutions’ responsible approach to the economic effects of COVID-19 (blog)
18 May 2020 | Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation

Honduras: Temporary relief masures for our clients (message)
18 May 2020 | VisionFund International

Food security during – and after – COVID-19: A short and long-term strategy for funding agribusiness (blog)
15 May 2020 | Grassroots Capital Management (via NextBillion)

Stay at home! Savings, contingencies and electronic wallet use (blog)
15 May 2020 | IFAD

Pandemics and financial stability: Part 5 (webinar recording)
15 May 2020 | Toronto Centre

One million or one hundred million casualties? The impact of the covid-19 crisis on the least developed and developing countries (summary/paper)
14 May 2020 | ADA (summary) & University of Luxembourg, Faculty of Law, Economics & Finance (paper)

Resilience and the Three Phases of Response (blog)
14 May 2020 | CFI at Accion

COVID-19 response must target African agriculture and the rural poor (blog)
14 May 2020 | IFAD

Five ways organizations can help countries build agile and inclusive responses to COVID-19 (blog)
14 May 2020 | IFAD

Responses to the financial impacts of COVID-19 through social cash transfers and digital payment infrastructure (blog)
14 May 2020 | MSC

Finding a lifeline for the poor and the institutions that serve them (blog)
14 May 2020 | Opportunity International

Guidance note on the extension of deadlines for banks and MFIs in the WAMU region
13 May 2020 | ADA

How to finance social protection in developing countries in the age of COVID-19 (blog)
13 May 2020 | ILO

Social distancing in Malawi (blog)
13 May 2020 | KfW

As funding dries up, millions in crises risk “being left to battle this pandemic alone” (blog)
12 May 2020 | CARE International

Support for India’s migrants during COVID-19: Navigating potential gaps in the system (blog)
12 May 2020 | CFI

Financial inclusion and resilience for FDPs in the time of COVID-19 (blog)
12 May 2020 | CGAP

No ordinary solution: Afro-Colombian ingenuity in the fight against COVID-19 (blog)
12 May 2020 | IFAD

The key role of business incubators and accelerators in Latin America (article)
11 May 2020 | ADA

An international coalition to protect microfinance institutions and their clients in the COVID-19 crisis (press release)
11 May 2020 | Grameen Credit Agricole Foundation

Learning from leaders: a cup of coffee with Dr Godwin Ehigiamusoe (Lapo Microfinance Bank) (interview)
11 May 2020 | Oikocredit

Subordinated debt facility for Credo Bank in Georgia (article)
11 May 2020 | Triodos Investment Management

Migrant remittances in the times of Covid-19: Insights from remittance service providers (blog)
11 May 2020 | UNCDF

COVID-19 changing the landscape for migrants and remittances (study)
11 May 2020 | UNCDF

Pandemics & Financial inclusion - part 3 (webinar recording)
10 May 2020 | Toronto Center

COVID-19 and the triple threat in South Sudan (blog)
9 May 2020 | CORDAID

Floods and drought in 2019, a locust invasion in 2020, and now COVID-19: How do these incidents affect the food supply chain in the Horn of Africa? (blog)
9 May 2020 | MSC

Insights from the investment team: The impact of Covid-19 for microfinance investing (blog)
8 May 2020 | BlueOrchard

How India is securing its G2P beneficiaries from COVID-19 – Lessons for other countries to create a G2P delivery platform (blog)
8 May 2020 | MSC

BlueOrchard develops initiative to support emerging and frontier MSMEs and combat challenges posed to the UN SDGs by Covid-19
Covid-19 Emerging & Frontier Markets MSME Support Fund (leaflet)
7 May 2020 | BlueOrchard

COVID-19 and the informal economy in Africa (video)
7 May 2020 | ILO

Measures to facilitate work in MFIs (guide)
6 May 2020 | ADA

CFI responds to COVID-19 (blog)
6 May 2020 | CFI

GFA Consulting corona update (newsletter)
6 May 2020 | GFA Consulting

COVID-19 Rapid response: Agriculture finance (webinar recording)
6 May 2020 | Opportunity International

Resources to respond to the COVID-19 crisis (webinar recording)
6 May 2020 | SPTF

Mobile money helps displaced Congolese survive amid coronavirus threat (article)
7 May 2020 | UNHCR

REDCAMIF: "Supporting networks and institutions" (interview)
5 May 2020 | ADA

European Development Co-operation, COVID-19, and how to save jobs in Africa (article)
5 May 2020 | BIO

Inclusive Fintech to respond to COVID (blog)
5 May 2020 | MIFOS

Oikocredit foundation creates coronavirus solidarity fund (article)
5 May 2020 | Oikocredit

Maintaining a healthy and productive workforce during the crisis (webinar recording)
5 May 2020 | SPTF

COVID-19 could drive millions of women into poverty, when they are agents of recovery (blog)
4 May 2020 | Care International

Mobile money in times of crisis: An unlikely hero (blog)
4 May 2020 | CFI

Empowering and protecting rural women in the time of coronavirus (blog)
4 May | IFAD

Advans supports its clients during the Covid-19 crisis with some key advice (videos)
1 May | ADVANS

Economic impacts of COVID-19 in fragile contexts and how SMEs can help (blog)

LMDF presents: Voices from the ground - focus on the Kyrgyz Republic and the Republic of Tajikistan (webinar recording)
1 May 2020 | LMDF

Pandemics & Financial inclusion - part 2 (webinar recording)
1 May April | Toronto Center

Leading microfinance and impact fund managers have signed a MoU on debt refinancing coordination principles to support the sector during the COVID-19 pandemic (press release/MOU)
30 April 2020 | BlueOrchard, Incofin, Oikocredit, Triodos IM, Triple Jump and Symbiotics

New Study: COVID-19 condemns millions of women to poverty, when they could be a solution to prosperity (press release/study)
30 April 2020 | CARE International

Diary of a Myanmar-Based, Agri-Focused FSP Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis (blog)
30 April 2020 | CFI at Accion

Is it the right time to push for wallet interoperability in Bangladesh? (blog)
30 April 2020 | MSC

Cybersecurity for the financial inclusion sector (webinar recording)
30 April 2020 | SPTF

Supervising corporate governance during crises (guide)
30 April 2020 | Toronto Centre

Kenya’s expansion of G2P becomes lifeline during COVID-19 crisis (blog)
29 April 2020 | CGAP

Financial planning and financial modelling - build a corporate immune system in response to COVID-19 (webinar recording)
29 April 2020 | MFC

Innovations and coping strategies for food security at the time of COVID-19 (blog)
29 April 2020 | MSC

Coffee, Cocoa, and the Coronavirus (interview)
29 April 2020 | Oikocredit

Savings group risk mitigation, support, and engagement in Relation to COVID-19 (guide)
28 April 2020 | Care International

Yapu Solutions Covid-19 crisis response services
28 April 2020 | Yapu Solutions

Agent networks: Vital to COVID-19 response, in need of support (blog)
27 April 2020 | CGAP

Suppporting SMEs during COVID-19: Modular distance learning (training material)
27 April | ILO

Toolkit to implement the Guidance Note on Business Continuity for MFIs (toolkit)
27 April 2020 | ADA & Oikocredit

Learning Brief: VSLA and CARE Adaptations to COVID-19 and Past Crises (brief)
24 April 2020 | CARE International

Grassroots’ Funding For Food Security In Latin America During Covid-19 (article)
24 April 2020 | Grassroots Capital Managment

LMDF presents - Voices from the ground -  Central America and Caribbean: Focus on El Salvador (webinar recording)
24 April 2020 | LMDF

MFI employee training comic on Coronavirus (training material)
24 April 2020 | MSC

MFI client awareness comic on Coronavirus (training material)
24 April 2020 | MSC

Risk management for beginners and back-up staff - build a corporate immune system in response to COVID-19 (webinar recording)
23 April 2020 | MFC

Locked down? Business interruption insurance, low-income MSMEs and COVID-19 (webinar highlights)
24 April 2020 | Microinsurance Network

Quick and practical responses to the COVID-19 crisis: Preparing stress-testing and scenarios (guide/tool)
22 April 2020 | ADA & BRS

Pandemics & Financial inclusion - part 1 (webinar recording)
22 April 2020 | Toronto Centre

Digital and microfinance sector in the face of the health crisis (blog)
21 April 2020 | Grameen Credit Agricole Foundation

IFAD’s response to the COVID-19 crisis - protecting and enhancing rural resilience
21 April 2020 | IFAD

An assessment of coronavirus effects on Inpulse partners (blog)
 April 2020 | Inpulse Investment Manager

Supervisory response to the impact of COVID-19 on credit (guide)
21 April 2020 | Toronto Centre

Digitizing Payments in the Time of COVID-19 (webinar recording)
21 April 2020 | UNCDF

How education lending MFIs are responding to COVID-19 (blog)
20 April 2020 | CFI at Accion

UN Goodwill Ambassadors Idris and Sabrina Elba launch appeal for IFAD’s $200 million coronavirus relief fund for rural communities
20 April 2020 | IFAD

How will the COVID-19 pandemic affect the Indian fintech startup ecosystem: Four predictions and one suggestion (blog)
20 April 2020 | MSC

Building resilience: How to ensure women are not left behind as a result of Covid-19 (blog)
20 April 2020 | Women's World Banking

Somalia: One of the countries least prepared to cope with the Covid-19 virus (blog)
17 April 2020 | CARE International

Creativity needed for the challenge of a Global Crisis (blog)
17 April 2020 | CARE International

Struggling with the Drastic Corona Measures in Northern Uganda (blog)
17 April 2020 | ICCO Cooperation

LMDF presents - Voices from the ground - Burkina Faso (webinar recording in French)
17 April 2020 | LMDF

Attention points business continuity for MFIs in view of the COVID-19 outbreak (guide)
16 April 2020 | ADA

COVID-19 : Overview of the situation for our partner MFIs & in our countries of intervention (blog)
16 April 2020 | Babyloan

The best laid plans...CGAP's response to COVID-19 (blog)
16 April 2020 | CGAP

Loan restructuring and refinancing agreements - build a corporate immune system in response to COVID-19 (webinar recording)
16 April 2020 | MFC

Digital finance & the COVID-19 Crisis (academic paper)
16 April 2020 | Universtiy of Luxembourg et al.

COVID-19 Exposes risks and opportunities in Kenya's gig economy (blog)
15 April 2020 | CGAP

International microfinance institutions anticipate the first effects of a recession (blog)
15 April 2020 | Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation

Food security: How are agriculture and the corner shops faring amid India’s lockdown? (blog)
15 April 2020 | MSC

CICO Agents: The under-valued “first responders” (blog)
15 April 2020 | MSC

The role of DFS agents during the Covid-19 crisis (paper)
15 April 2020 | MSC

Micro and small enterprises: Will the pandemic put an end to their business? (blog)
15 April 2020 | MSC

Stress test for success – build a corporate immune system in response to COVID-19 (webinar recording)
15 April 2020 | MFC

Covid-19 rapid response: Education finance (webinar recording)
15 April | Opportunity International

A customer-centric response to the COVID-19 pandemic: Social Performance Management in Practice, Examples from the field (key principles & examples)
15 April 2020 | SPTF

Caring for our clients during COVID-19 (blog)
15 April 2020 | VisionFund International

The economies have been hit already—we now need palliatives and ultimately cures (blog)
14 April 2020 | MSC

What’s a donor to do? The financial impact of COVID-19 on the poor (blog)
12 April | CGAP

Treating staff responsibly during the pandemic: three things to do today (blog)
10 April | SPTF in FinDev Gateway

NpM members issue Investor Statement on Covid-19
10 April 2020 | NpM

Shaping a holistic response to COVID-19: Protecting food systems and rural producers (blog)
9 April 2020 | IFAD

LMDF presents: Voices from the ground - Cambodia & Myanmar (webinar recording)
9 April 2020 | LMDF

Social impact in the pandemic: how Oikocredit is helping partners fight back (blog)
9 April 2020 | Oikocredit

Business continuity - How to build a corporate immune system in response to COVID-19 (webinar recording)
9 April 2020 | MFC

Pandemics and financial stability - Part 4 (webinar recording)
9 April 2020 | Toronto Centre

The role of financial inclusion in addressing the impact of COVID-19 (interview)
9 April 2020 | Triodos Investment Management

A candid discussion with financial sector leaders: How can we support staff, clients and sustain operations in this time of crisis? (blog on webinar)
3 April 2020 | Amarante Consulting

LMDF presents: Voices from the ground - Kenya (webinar recording)
3 April 2020 | LMDF

Covid-19 crisis shows why savings matter (blog)
3 April 2020 | WSBI

How should FSPs respond to the COVID-19 pandemic? (blog)
2 April 2020 | CFI at Accion

Continuity in a crisis: exploring reactions to the Covid-19 outbreak among providers of financial services for low-income women (blog)
2 April 2020 | Women's World Banking

Global Rapid Gender Analysis for COVID-19 (study)
1 April 2020 | CARE International

Pandemics and financial stability - Part 3 (webinar recording)
1 April | Toronto Centre

Ten Issues for Supervisors During Crises (guide)
April 2020 | Toronto Centre

Business Continuity planning for a supervisory authority (guide)
April 2020 | Toronto Centre

BlueOrchard invests in IFC’s Covid-19 social bond issuance
31 March 2020 | BlueOrchard

What does the Covid-19 pandemic mean for BlueOrchard’s investments? (blog)
31 March 2020 | BlueOrchard

COVID-19 in Africa: “If the lockdowns continue, we will see famines.” (blog/interview)
30 March 2020 | CORDAID

COVID-19: Triple Jump’s Response (article)
30 March 2020

WSBI statement on Covid-19: united efforts to overcome the crisis are indispensable (blog)
30 March 2020 | WSBI

The microfinance sector is organising itself in the face of the effects of the health crisis (blog)
29 March 2020 | Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation

Pandemics and natural disasters: What can we learn from past disasters to help with today’s pandemic? (blog)
27 March 2020 | CFI at Accion

Free Support: Remote Data Collection for ALL Clients - impact assessment, needs diagnostic and follow-up (toolkit)
26 March 2020 | HEDERA

How to cope with the pandemic effects on MFI’s businesses (webinar recording)
26 March 2020 | MFC

Pandemics and financial stability - Part 2 (webinar recording)
24 March 2020 | Toronto Centre

Can financial inclusion moderate impacts of coronavirus? (blog)
20 March 2020 | CFI at Accion

How coronavirus affects the microfinance sector (blog)
20 March 2020 | Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation

Pandemics and financial stability - Part 1 (webinar recording)
19 March 2020 | Toronto Centre

Free Support: Online Training Platform for NGOs and MIVs' technical assistance to MFIs (e-learning platform)
16 March 2020 | HEDERA

CARE Prepares COVID-19 Response Working Closely With Vulnerable Communities
16 March 2020 | Care International