The e-MFP Investors in Tier 2/3 MFIs Action Group gathers a collaborative group of microfinance investment organisations that work together to address a common interest: improve their support to tier 2/3 MFIs.

Since 2011 they have been sharing information about their investment practices and partners in order to avoid overlap and duplication of efforts. By combining available resources and capacities the Action Group members wish to further support and develop partner tier 2/3 MFIs.


Main activities are:

  • Meet at least 2 times a year to share information, discuss and analyse data provided by group members
  • Support and commission research activities contributing to further define the group’s targets
  • Produce informative publications, policy notes and position statements
  • Enhance cooperation among microfinance investors
  • Establish and maintain an environment where investors do not see each other as competitors but as partners supporting the microfinance sector


Action Group Heads

Mr. Kaspar Wansleben, Luxembourg Microfinance and Development Fund
Mr. Philippe Guichandut, Grameen Credit Agricole Microfinance Foundation


Joana Afonso

Action Group publications

Annual Survey 2014
Investors in Tier 2/3 MFIs Annual Survey 2014

Position Paper No. 2

Results of the survey conducted among the Action Group members according to the definition of tiers in microfinance

Position Paper No.1:
Position Paper on supporting smaller MFIs to advance financial inclusion

Discussion Paper No.1:
Working towards a common consensus on the definition of Tiers in microfinance