Business & Finance Consulting GmbH
Organisation general information
Organisation name: 
Business & Finance Consulting GmbH
Founding year: 
Total number of staff: 
Resources dedicated to microfinance: 
Percentage of microfinance activities: 
Between 70 and 100%
Type of organisation: 
For profit
Management Consulting, Analytics and Research Services.
Organisation's contact person
Contact person: 
Mr. Michael Kortenbusch
Max-Högger Strasse 6
+41 44 784 22 22
+41 44 784 23 23
Organisation summary

In its daily work BFC strives to make measurable positive changes in the world of development finance. Our extensive experience on the ground in emerging markets has helped us achieve a strong intuitive understanding of client needs and unique constraints, allowing us to develop solutions that work in practice, not just on paper. The fluid combination of our deep knowledge of the financial services industry with what we learn from clients allows us to generate creative, inexpected solutions to drive our clients to reach their highest potential.

Countries of intervention: 
Areas of intervention: 
  • Macro level: Strengthening national/regional microfinance support sector, Capacity building (focused on all MFIs), Financial Sector Studies for Programme Design.
  • Intermediate level: Community-based finance solutions, Rural finance, Value chain development, Microfinance investment vehicules, Business development services, Social impact/performance, Urban finance, Gender, Feasibility Studies on Agro-insurance Schemes, Agricultural Insurance Programme Design, Housing Finance, Operational Efficiency Best Practices.
  • Micro level: Financial product development and innovation, Delivery models (group, indiv.), Performance (financial and social), Ratings and external audits, Strategic planning, Marketing, Graduation of MFIs, Risk management, Management information systems, Corporate Governance, MIS and Technology, Microenterprise Lending, SME Lending, SME Upscaling, Credit Scoring and Internal Audit, On-the-job Training for Loan Officers, Workshops, HR Development, Classroom Trainings.
  • Other themes: Academic research, Impact and performances studies, Sector mapping, Evaluation, Financial Literacy, Consumer Protection.
Main competences: 

Rural finance and Agro-Insurance:

  • Rural & Agricultural Lending (Underwriting, Product and Process Development)
  • Agricultural Value Chain Finance Development
  • Agro-insurance Programme Implementation and Product Design.
  • Operational Efficiency Strengthening Programmes

MSME Lending:

  • Loan Product Development (Greenfielding, Downscaling, Strengthening Competitiveness)
  • Operational Efficiency Strengthening
  • Setting Financial Institution Strategy, Development and Transformation
  • Corporate Governance, Turnaround Management and Business Planning
  • Financial Institution Risk Management, Auditing and Treasury
  • Energy Efficiency Loan Product Design
  • Housing Loan Product and Market Strategy Development
  • Credit Scoring (Master APS)
  • Capacity Building and Human Resources (Classroom & on the job Training and Coaching)

Fund design and management

  • Product and Concept Design for Credit Guarantee Funds
  • Design & Management of Disposition and Revolving Funds

Analytics & Research:

  • Financial Sector Studies (Access to Finance, Agricultural Insurance, Agricultural Value chains, Best Cost Reducing Practices in Microfinance, Impact Assessment Surveys Housing Finance, Investment Feasibility Studies, Risk Bearing Instruments)
  • Due Diligence and Integrity Check of Financial Institution
Please indicate any innovations in your microfinance program planned for the coming year: 
  • Green Finance (including environmental microfinance)
  • Saving Product Development
  • Mobile Banking Products and Platforms
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