Jan 22, 2016

The International Forum on Rural and Agricultural Finance (FOROAGRO) is an international event that will unite world experts to discuss and debate how best to promote various initiatives that ensure broad-based financial services for agriculture, food security, climate change and other aspects that allow gains in agricultural productivity and well-being among small rural producers in Latin America.

A collection of experiences from Latin America will be presented to promote the exchange of views on the public and private sector's role in generating a more favorable environment for the expansion of rural and agricultural financial services. During the event, participants will be exposed to successful and innovative experiences, comprehensive financial products and services that meet the need of rural households, and the business and social models used by pioneer financial institutions.

FOROAGRO will be held in Spanish and is targeted at:

• CEOs of financial institutions.
• Regional managers and area managers.
• Mid-level managers and product development managers.
• Professional consultants interested in developing products for the agricultural and forestry sector.
• Donors, public administrators, academics and development agencies working on the topic of rural development
Some of the main themes will include:
• Value chain finance as a strategy for financial inclusion in rural areas.
• Comprehensive financial services adapted to the need of smallholder families dependent on agriculture, experiences and lessons learned.
• Mechanisms for adaptation and mitigation of climate change in rural areas and the agricultural sector.

The event will be held in the City of Santa Cruz, Bolivia on 17 and 18 March 2016 at the Hotel "Los Tajibos".

See more information in English and Spanish  or visit FOROAGRO

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