e-MFP Members' Spotlight 2020 on Encouraging Effective and Inclusive Savings


e-MFP is a member-led platform, and we always want to hear what our members are doing in different fields, to increase linkages and knowledge sharing both across the platform and with other stakeholders. Over 2020, e-MFP reached out with some questions to its members to see who was doing what in the area of this year's European Microfinance Award theme – Encouraging Effective & Inclusive Savings. Thanks to our members for sharing their experience.

European Microfinance Week 2019 - Strengthening resilience to climate change through financial inclusion



European Dialogue - Financial Inclusion through Technology

European Microfinance Award 2018 - Financial Inclusion through Technology: Digital Pathways to Financial Inclusion

By Sam Mendelson, April 2019.

Digital Pathways in Financial Inclusion, which draws on the technology initiatives of the winners and semi-finalists of the 2018 European Microfinance Award on ‘Financial Inclusion through Technology’, paving the way for how advances in technology can be adopted by financial services providers who serve the excluded.

European Microfinance Week 2018 Opening Plenary: Financial Inclusion through Technology


It's now a tradition that the European Microfinance Week opens with a plenary session featuring the finalists of the European Microfinance Award, the €100,000 prize awarded by the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

e-MFP Summer 2018 Newsletter


European Dialogue No.12


European Microfinance Award 2017
Microfinance for Housing: Building New Foundations in Housing Microfinance

By Sam Mendelson, April 2018.

Building New Foundations in Housing Microfinance, presents the outcomes of the European Microfinance Award 2017, on Microfinance for Housing. It draws on the fascinating and diverse housing programmes of the 2017 Award winner and semi-finalists and distills the varied initiatives into seven factors for success.

European Microfinance Award 2017 Brochure

European Microfinance Award 2017 on Microfinance for Housing

PLENARY: Microfinance for housing - European Microfinance Award 2017

PLENARY: Microfinance for housing - European Microfinance Award 2017

European Dialogue No.11


European Microfinance Award 2016 - Microfinance and Access to Education

Given the importance of the financial barriers in accessing quality education, microfinance can play an important role in supporting the education system in developing countries. The European Microfinance Award 2016 sought to ask and solicit practical answers to a number of questions, including:

7th European Microfinance Award Brochure

7th European Microfinance Award brochure on Microfinance and Access to Education