Improving lives with water and sanitation loans

Webinar series organised by the e-MFP's Green Inclusive & Climate Smart Finance (GISCF) Action Group.

MiCrédito is a microfinance institution based in Managua, Nicaragua, that offers sustainable credit services to both rural and urban micro and small enterprises, as well as to producers who have little to no access to credit services through the formal financial system. Aware of the need for construction and improvement of sanitation services in some areas of the country, MiCrédito has a special line of credit that finances the construction and improvement of sanitation services in those areas that do not have adequate sanitation systems. Currently, MiCrédito offers WASH loans in its 12 branches, which has allowed it to improve the quality of life of more than 4.000 people in 10 departments of the country. In this webinar, Verónica Herrera, CEO of MiCrédito, will share her experience as a microfinance institution offering WASH loans in rural and peri-urban areas of Nicaragua.

Date: 6 May 2021

Speaker: Veronica Herrera, CEO of MiCrédito

Moderator: Dr.-Ing. Natalia Realpe Carrillo, CEO at HEDERA, Klaus Töpfer Sustainability Fellow at Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies and co-head of the e-MFP GICSF AG.