European Microfinance Week 2019

This session discussed practical and innovative approaches taken by financial service providers and asset managers to measure and incentivize positive social outcomes. It was divided into three parts and explored the business case for social outcomes measurement, how you do it, and what the challenges and next steps are for these institutions. MFO Crystal described implementation of their outcomes framework, shared insights they have gained, and how they used outcomes data to inform product design and important management decisions. Incofin discussed the asset manager perspective and the important role they play through its funds and TA facilities to push the frontiers of social outcomes measurement by supporting its investees to use rigorous, data-driven methods to track their impact. Grassroots Capital shared their efforts underway to incentivize impact through performance-linked notes. CERISE described the practical assessment tool they developed, the MetODD-SDG, that is available for providers and investors to measure their contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals through a list of micro-level indicators for SDG Targets.