Sep 26, 2017

Symbiotics has just published its 11th annual edition of the Symbiotics Microfinance Investment Vehicles (MIV) Survey. This unique study provides asset managers, investors and academia alike with the latest information of most of the world’s microfinance fund activity in emerging markets.

 This year’s key findings include:             

  • Continuous high participation rate: 93 microfinance funds were included in the survey benchmark, representing 94% of the total market size estimated at USD 13.5 billion.
  • Those funds are managed by 44 specialized asset management companies located in 17 countries.
  • Switzerland continues to manage the largest share of assets with a 36% market share, followed by the Netherlands (23%) and Germany (15%). The United States (9%) and Austria (4%) complete the 5 lead domiciles.
  • Latin America & the Caribbean captured the largest share of MIVs’ direct microfinance portfolio in 2016, at 34% (up from 30% in 2015).

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Source: Symbiotics

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