Jul 02, 2020

The Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation publishes its 1st Impact Report

In order to better understand and share the results of its action, the Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation publishes its first Impact Report based on the activity data for 2019. This in-depth work was carried out with methodological support from CERISE, an international firm that specializes in impact and social performance measurement. The purpose of this report is to provide an objective overview of the Foundation’s contribution to the fight against poverty by analysing the effects of its commitment to impact entrepreneurship.


The Foundation has been contributing to the fight against poverty since 2008 by supporting microfinance institutions and social impact enterprises. It provides financing in local currencies (€96 million of outstandings at 31 December 2019) and technical assistance programmes (72 missions in 2019) to bolster the economic, social and environmental performance of its partners. The Foundation moreover multiplies its impact through its cooperation with Crédit Agricole and other major players in development aid. In 2019, it worked with public, institutional, private and solidarity organizations in some 40 countries.


The organizations supported by the Foundation are committed to promoting access to essential services for as many people as possible so as to provide essential services, particularly in rural areas of the countries of intervention. These services comprise financial inclusion, improving the food chain, and access to water and energy. The Foundation supports primarily companies that help strengthen the agricultural value chains in a sustainable manner, as they constitute the cornerstone of fragile economies*.

*According to the lists of the World Bank and the OECD

Read the digital Impact Report

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