Nov 24, 2020

Many thanks to our media partners and the Luxembourg press for the excellent coverage of EMW 2020:


European Microfinance Week Closes, Looking to Future of Financial Inclusion: Wooing Regulators, Women Leveraging Loans by Factor of 5, Investor Collaboration, New Customers for MFIs (14 Dec)

Financial Inclusion for Forcibly Displaced Persons (FDPs) – Part 2: Regulatory Barriers, Segmenting Needs (10 Dec)

Strong Motivation to Save, “Extreme Resilience During Times of Crisis” Despite Microfinance Institutions “Smothering” Loan Offers Pre-pandemic (8 Dec)

Digitizing Microfinance – Silver Lining of the Pandemic? (4 Dec)

Lessons, Tools for the Pandemic from Prior Microfinance Crises (4 Dec)

During Pandemic, VSLAs Support Members Struggling with Barriers to Income, Education, Gender-based Violence, Lack of PPE (3 Dec)

Lessons from Giving Away, Selling Microinsurance with Remittances (30 Nov)

Protecting Consumers, Tracking Business Cash Flows, Cutting Costs for Digital Microfinance (27 Nov)

Local Market Data, Resilience During Pandemic, Securitization, Land Title Systems Enable Housing Microfinance, Micro-mortgages (24 Nov)

Danone, Incofin, WASH Sector is Already Investible (23 Nov)

Working with Central Banks to Extend Microfinance to Forcibly Displaced Persons (FDPs) (23 Nov)

Minimizing Setbacks for Women, Girls Under COVID-19; Taking Advantage of the Pandemic to Liberalize Regulation, Boost Access to Digital Financial Services (20 Nov)

Muktinath Bikas Bank of Nepal Wins $119k European Microfinance Award for Excellence in Savings (20 Nov)

Resilience Among Microfinance Institutions? “Region of Crisis” Relatively Stable; “Moratorium Veil” Yet to Lift (19 Nov)

e-MFP Publishes Taking Shelter: Housing Finance for the World’s Poor (19 Nov)

European Microfinance Week Launches with Arguments for Client Protection, Community Approaches, Savings vs Credit, Biscuits vs Guns (18 Nov)

European Microfinance Week Action Group Meeting: Investors Not Incentivizing MFIs Sufficiently re Measuring Social Performance (18 Nov)


Financial Inclusion During – and After – COVID-19: Three Takeaways From a (Very Different) European Microfinance Week 2020 (6 Jan 2021)

FinDev Gateway

How an Ethiopian MFI Has Kept Its Focus on Savings in the Face of Great Challenges (23 June 2021)

What the Pandemic Taught Us About Savings (14 April 2021)

One Year On: What a Year of Surveys Tell Us About COVID-19 and Microfinance (17 March 2021)

Portail FinDev

Promouvoir l'épargne par le biais de solutions digitales : l'exemple de RENACA-Bénin (13 May 2021)

Un an après : ce qu'une année d'enquêtes nous apprend sur la COVID-19 et la microfinance (23 March 2021)

Le COVID-19 catalyse la transformation digitale des Institutions de Microfinance (10 March 2021)

La crise du COVID-19 met à risque la finance agricole et rurale (17 Feb 2021)

Luxembourg Press

RTL Television: D'Mikrofinanz-Instituter weltwäit kréien d'Kris ze spieren (Microfinance institutions worldwide are experiencing the crisis) (22 Nov)

Wort: Kleiner Kredit, große Krise (18 Nov)

Delano: Making Inclusive Finance Accessible, Now More Than Ever (18 Nov)

Tageblatt: „Finanzielle Inklusion“ / Mikrofinanz in der Pandemie: „Viele Menschen riskieren in die Armut zurückzufallen“ (17 Nov)

Delano: Nepalese Savings Bank Gets Microfinance Award (20 Nov)

Paperjam: Muktinath, Prix européen de la microfinance 2020

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