Nov 14, 2023

e-MFP is delighted to publish the Financial Inclusion Compass 2023­ – the sixth annual survey of financial inclusion stakeholders to better understand perspectives on current trends, future priority areas, challenges, opportunities and beyond.  The survey on which this paper is based was open in May and June 2023, with both quantitative and qualitative sections. A record number of respondents participated – 185 total from 58 countries – and cumulatively provided thousands of scores and tens of thousands of words. This is what we believe makes the Compass unique and special – it is the only publication that gives FSPs, funders, TA providers, researchers, and everyone else the space to think and respond across a wide range of topics.

The results have been fascinating. There are new current trends and future priority areas, and new opinions emerging on everything from climate-smart finance and the role of AI to financial health and gender mainstreaming. And like every edition, it provides a snapshot in time too – what are some general trends, but also what is really pressing right now, and why?

In this sense, it is a valuable resource for all stakeholders today, but also in the future, as it is a time capsule of the concerns and ideas of a genuinely diverse range of people working in financial inclusion around the world.

We hope you find the Financial Inclusion Compass 2023 useful and interesting, and we welcome any or all feedback on the survey or the publication that comes out of it.

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