Nov 29, 2023

Relive the European Microfinance Week ( #EMW2023 ) plenary sessions on 'The past, present, and future of green inclusive finance: ten years of the e-MFP GICSF Action Group'; 'Inclusive finance for food security & nutrition'; 'Financial inclusion of forcibly displaced persons (FDPs): building bridges' and  'From Brussels to the world: the downstream impact of EU fund regulations' in the videos:

Plenary 1 [Opening]: 'The past, present, and future of green inclusive finance: ten years of the e-MFP GICSF Action Group'

Welcome: Christoph Pausch, e-MFP
Opening remarks: Geneviève Hengen, Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs – Directorate for Development Cooperation

The opening plenary session celebrates the contribution of the GICSF-AG to the sector, exploring both its early years, its current work, and also where it may head in the future. The session will feature both current and past leaders of the group, along with key members that drive the group's work.

With: Joana Afonso, e-MFP; Davide Forcella, JuST Institute; Natalia Realpe Carrillo, HEDERA Sustainable Solutions GmbH; Davide Castellani, University of Bergamo; Veronica Herrera, MiCredito; Raluca Dumitrescu, MicroEnergy International; Michael Steidl, European Investment Bank; Marion Allet, Cerise+SPTF; Geert Jan Schuite, Netherlands Enterprise Agency


Plenary 2: 'Inclusive finance for food security & nutrition'

This plenary session (followed that evening by the EMA2023 Award ceremony at which the three finalists were presented and the winner announced) kicked off this thematic stream at the conference, launching e-MFP's latest paper on the topic and bringing together senior experts from across the sector to discuss the challenge of addressing food insecurity, explore the role different stakeholders can play, and inspire further innovation.

With: Myka Reinsch, Consultant; Carl Hiralal, Toronto Centre; Cheryl Harrison, World Food Programme; Lidwien Schils, Rabo Foundation; Benoit De Waegeneer, Humundi (ex SOS Faim); Farhad Zulfiqar, The First Microfinance Bank Syria (The AgaKhan Agency for Microfinance)

Plenary 3: 'Financial inclusion of forcibly displaced persons (FDPs): building bridges' 

This plenary gathered different perspectives of varied stakeholders working with financial inclusion of FDPs. From regulators to credit agencies, their wins and challenges reflect the recommendations promoted by the Roadmap to the Sustainable and Responsible Financial Inclusion of FDPs, an initiative launched in 2019, to build bridges and strengthen the financial sector, worldwide, on the topic of forced displacement. 

With: Craig Churchill, ILO; Susanne Klink, UNHCR; Mariam Zahari, Alliance for Financial Inclusion; ASHFAQUE AHMED SOOMRO, RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION; Hanadi Tutunji, Grameen Credit Agricole Foundation


Plenary 4 [Closing]:  'From Brussels to the world: the downstream impact of EU fund regulations'

Recent EU regulations governing social and environmental investments mark a revolution in impact investing. With the vast majority of inclusive finance funds being based in Europe (largely in Luxembourg), the impact of these regulations will have a downstream impact on every investee in these funds’ portfolios – i.e. nearly every major FSP in the sector, and every stakeholder in between, from rating agencies to TA providers to national microfinance associations. This presents both a challenge and an opportunity. The challenge is in implementing new reporting protocols, many of which have been designed with large (multinational) corporations in mind – not smallholder farmers in the South. But there is also an opportunity to build better sustainability metrics with even more relevance to the sector, and the potential to prove – and improve – our social and environmental impact.

With: Jurgen HAMMER, SPTF Europe asbl; Laura Gehlkopf, CSSF; Emmanuelle Javoy, Symbiotics; David Muthire Njiru, Juhudi Kilimo

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