Apr 07, 2021

Can energy and financial access be brought at once?

Research results and experiences from BrightLife and future plans of Penda Capital in Uganda

What are the challenges of financing clean energy technologies in rural areas? The experience from BrightLife enabling access to affordable energy in Uganda portraits a series of learnings for the microfinance sector. Founded by the global microfinance pioneer, FINCA International, BrightLife has developed a model that ensures not only access to energy but also to finance. Based on the results of a study conducted by FINCA and CGAP, a financial product was designed through which clients, after paying for the technology in a 12-months period, can have access to credit at FINCA Uganda. Such a system has derived results also on the relationship between clean energy credit scoring and subsequent scoring on the finance side. What are the opportunities, risks, and challenges for microfinance institutions to bring access to energy and to finance in one pack? Andrew Muhwezi shared with us his experience at BrightLife, his plans at his own microfinance institution, PENDA Capital and the role of research in his future plans.

Speaker: Andrew Muhwezi, Managing Partner at PENDA Capital
Moderator: Dr.-Ing. Natalia Realpe Carrillo, HEDERA – Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS)

Date: 8 April, 2021 - 4 pm CET

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Natalia Realpe Carrillo & Davide Forcella
Heads of the Green Inclusive and Climate Smart Finance Action Group

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Photo: John Carnemolla, Getty Images via Canva

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