Jun 22, 2022

During the 7th European Research Conference on Microfinance, the winners of the Best Graduate Paper Award, sponsored by the European Microfinance Platform (e-MFP) were announced :

1st place: Naome Otiti - In her paper, entitled ‘Gender and staff turnover in microfinance: the moderating role of firm international background’, Naome takes on a complex and relevant topic, addressing gender bias at an employee level on microfinance institutions, whose further exploration can have important implications for the sector. This is a well-developed conference paper with potential to be published and that responds to a clear knowledge gap.

2nd place: Anaëlle Petre - who wrote with her co-authors Bert D’Espallier and Roy Mersland the paper ‘Are development interventions harmful for self-help groups in Africa? The case of self-sustaining savings groups’, a very well-written paper addressing both an unexplored question and a relevant one with implications for the policies and strategies of development actors, both funders and implementers of informal savings groups.

The prizes were presented by Joana Silva Afonso, e-MFP during the first day of #7ERCM.  1st place receives 1000 euro plus a trip to European Microfinance Week (entry, travel & accommodation) and 2nd place receives 500 euro plus an entry to European Microfinance Week. The two PhD candidates at the University of Agder had the opportunity to present their papers in a plenary during the research conference.

Thank you to Neil McHugh and Olga Biosca, to all the researchers involved in the evaluation process and to the graduate students presenting their papers during the #7ERCM.

Congratulations to both winners and we look forward to learning more about your work!

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