Apr 15, 2021

43 Organisations apply to Round 1 of EMA 2021 on ‘Inclusive Finance and Health Care’

Round 1 of the European Microfinance Award 2021 on ‘Inclusive Finance and Health Care’ has closed, and we received a fantastic response from organisations working in the financial inclusion sector around the world who are increasing access to affordable and quality health care for low-income communities.

The EMA evaluation team received 43 applications from organisations with health care initiatives operating in 32 different countries. More than ever, the field of applicants represents a diverse set of provider types and with operations in all regions of the world. A majority of the applicants are MFIs, with banks, NGOs, cooperatives and health services providers making up most of the rest.

In terms of the applicants’ geographic region of operation, a plurality is from Latin & Central America, with Sub-Saharan Africa, MENA and South Asia making up a large percentage of the remainder.

e-MFP’s EMA evaluation team now begins the considerable (but enjoyable!) task of carefully reading and evaluating these 43 organisations’ applications, to decide which will be invited to participate in Round 2, with its more comprehensive application form and required supporting documentation. From that, successful applicants will be forwarded to an expert selection committee which will meet in the second half of September to choose the semi-finalists and finalists, which themselves will be evaluated by a High Jury and the winner announced
during European Microfinance Week on November 18th.

The EMA organisers would like to thank all 43 organisations for taking part in this process so far, and we look forward to learning about all the innovations underway in this sector – more important now than ever before.


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