Mar 08, 2024

Join e-MFP member MFC at the upcoming MFC 26th Annual Conference: Embracing Diversity for Inclusive Finance.

Register now at and take advantage of exclusive rates. 

Dates: May 14-15, 2024 

Location: Cracow, Poland  

The MFC conference will showcase good practices and innovative solutions for promoting diversity and inclusion. The event will bring together 500 microfinance practitioners, impact investors, IT providers, researchers, policymakers and donors from different regions and backgrounds.   

During the conference, MFC will delve into the profound impact of microfinance on diverse communities, including migrants, farmers, and women.  

Why Attend?  

  • Network and Partner: Connect with industry leaders and forge valuable partnerships.  
  • Empowerment through Microfinance: Discover how microfinance empowers diverse communities.  
  • Skill Development: Engage in discussions aligned with the European Year of Skills initiative.  
  • Inspiring Talks: Attend insightful sessions and actively contribute to shaping the future of microfinance. 

Join MFC in Cracow as they collectively advance microfinance, foster social and economic development, and embrace the power of diversity.  

Secure your spot today and take advantage of special rates.

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