Author: Eugénie Constancias - Entrepreneurs du Monde
Entrepreneurs du Monde (EdM) celebrates its 25th anniversary this year in style, with one of its microfinance institutions, Yikri of Burkina Faso, winning the European Microfinance Award 2023 on Inclusive Finance for Food Security & Nutrition. e-MFP reached out to hear more. The NGO EdM was born in June 1998, with a clear mission - to help particularly vulnerable women and men to improve their living conditions on their own, by creating or developing an income-generating activity. To achieve this, EdM has been setting up and supporting local organisations and over the last 25 years the NGO has expanded its activities in Africa, Asia, Haiti and even France without ever losing its identity. Starting out operating in the social microfinance sector, we gained a very precise picture of the budget and needs of vulnerable people we supported. That is why EdM decided to address energy poverty, professional integration of young people or entrepreneurship in agricultural settings.