By Sam Mendelson, November 2022

Financial Inclusion that Works for Women opens with a tour of a complex and emerging landscape of gender mainstreaming - a short history of microfinance for women, the demand and supply-side barriers they face, and the role that FSPs can play in addressing these challenges. The second part details the Award itself - criteria, evaluation processes, objectives, etc. The third and main part of the paper presents the 10 semi-finalists (and among them the 3 finalists) as case studies within three broad approaches that FSPs can take: Meeting women's needs through financial products and services; Mainstreaming gender equity and leadership within the institution; and Empowering women with non-financial services. Financial Inclusion that Works for Women concludes with the 'Factors for Success' that have emerged over this almost year-long evaluation process: what distinguishes the ten exceptional initiatives profiled within it, and how can other organisations replicate their success?

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