2019 marks the Centenary of the International Labour Organization – a century that has seen tremendous improvements in protection of workers, in terms of working hours, health and safety conditions, growth of unions, but also in reduction of child labour and forced labour around the world. However, massive increases in population (especially in low-income countries), global consumer supply chains that originate in the factories of the South and East, the informalization of enterprises and employment contracts, and growing urban migration all mean that there remains much to be done. How do we take the progress that has been made forward, and how can responsible finance ensure that workers are protected from harm and offered new opportunities for prosperity?

Moderator: Craig Churchill, International Labour Organization (ILO)

Speakers: Khady Sakho, FORIM; Maya Kobalia, JSC MFO Crystal (Georgia); Guy Stuart, Microfinance Opportunities (MFO); Rehana Riyawala, SEWA (India)