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Guidelines On Outcomes Management For Investors

By Lucia Spaggiari, MicroFinanza Rating in collaboration with the e-MFP Social Performance Outcomes Action Group, October 2016.

'Guidelines On Outcomes Management For Investors' are the result of the work carried out by the e-MFP Social Performance Outcomes Action Group which working jointly with the SPTF Outcomes Working Group was tasked with the specific objective to develop guidelines for integrating outcomes measurement into the operations of inclusive finance investors. Measuring outcomes is not self-evident, while counting number of clients is easy, counting changes in their wellbeing is another matter. The number of such indicators is continuing to rise and as the indicators proliferate, there is also an increasing need for guidance, with the ultimate objective of having a more standardized template of indicators to facilitate more effective communication on social performance between investors and MFIs and enable asset owners who invest in microfinance funds to compare the social performance of different funds. The guidelines incorporate case studies from eight social investors, including two e-MFP members Oikocredit and Triple Jump.

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