Prepared by MIX and the e-MFP Microfinance & Environment Action Group, November 2015

This report is the first attempt in the microfinance sector to address the area of green performance monitoring in a comprehensive manner. While the sector currently abounds with a diverse set of qualitative tools for green performance monitoring, the same cannot be said of quantitative indicators. As a result, microfinance institutions (MFIs) lack a set of established metrics to assess their green performance, track progress over time, and gain a broad view of current and future trends.

Recognizing this gap, MIX and the European Microfinance Platform (e-MFP) Microfinance & Environment Action Group designed a survey to explore a set of quantitative green microfinance indicators with the aim of assessing their ease of use and relevance for decision-making. This report presents the survey findings drawn from the responses of 87 MFIs. Based on the key findings, this report concludes by offering a strategic "way forward" to facilitate the gradual integration of green quantitative indicators into reporting standards for the microfinance sector.

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