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About the author 

Sam Mendelson is Financial Inclusion Specialist at the European Microfinance Platform (e-MFP) overseeing various research, knowledge, communications and sector-building across e-MFP's different financial inclusion research streams, and supporting coordination of the annual European Microfinance Award, including as continued lead author of the European Dialogue. For the last five years, he has been M&E and then Knowledge Specialist at Arc Finance, an international end-user energy finance organisation. He's worked as Project Lead for the 2015 USAID-funded Energy Diaries – the first and only project of its kind, and worked closely with e-MFP's Daniel Rozas on several projects, including a 2016 FIEC research paper on offshore incorporation of microfinance/impact vehicles; the upcoming e-MFP/FIEC/NpM research study on Buyer Selection in Responsible Equity Exits, and the CSFI Microfinance Banana Skins.

He has undergraduate degrees in Psychology & Laws from the University of Western Australia; a Master of Laws in Public International Law and a Master of Science in International Public Policy, both from University College London.