About the author 
Isabelle Katthagen is Director of ADG International at the Academy of German Cooperatives (ADG). She manages all activities of ADG on international level and supervises the implementation of projects focusing on human resource development, strategic HR, innovative capacity building programs, and training.  
Isabelle is responsible for the continuous development of the product portfolio of ADG International, bringing in her on-the-ground experience, gained through a vast number of long-term and short-term expert assignments, as capacity building expert and certified trainer. In carrying out her leadership responsibility Isabelle guides, challenges, and supports the development of each of the team members, unlocking the potential that lies in each one.

Dr. Elisabeth Niendorf is a project manager, trainer and lecturer for ADG International at the Academy of German Cooperatives (ADG). In her role as a trainer, she designs, develops and implements capacity building programs (both physical and digital) focusing on topics such as leadership, resilience or change management. Moreover, she manages financial sector projects focussing on human resource development/management and training and is responsible for preparing and implementing scientific research projects that provide practice-oriented recommendations for policy makers as well as different groups of stakeholders. Additionally, Elisabeth teaches courses on International Management and Entrepreneurship for students of ADG’s Business School.