Georgina Vázquez - Calmeadow's picture
About the author 

Georgina Vázquez has been with Calmeadow at Omtrix since 2005.  Ms. Vázquez is responsible for the oversight of Calmeadow and has contributed in some of the consulting projects including the structuring, development, and oversight of the white papers sponsored by the Charity. Ms. Vázquez is co-author of the white paper “Crossing Over: The Experience of Microfinance Institutions that Entered the SME Loan Market”.

Calmeadow is a registered Canadian NGO with operations based in San José, Costa Rica.  Since 1985 Calmeadow has supported innovative ideas in microfinance, ideas that promote greater levels of efficiency and outreach through the commercial provision of financial services to low-income borrowers and microentrepreneurs.