Green Index 3.0 

The Green Inclusive and Climate Smart Finance Action Group (GICSF AG) has developed and implemented the Green Index since 2014. For a short history of the Green Index evolution, please click here. In 2021 we will released the Green Index 3.0, stay tuned ! The Green Index 3.0 will be aligned with the forthcoming Environmental Dimension of the USSPM developed by the joint work of the GICSF AG, SPTF and CERISE. Here below you can find the previous versions of the Green Index, namely Green Index 1.0 (2014) and Green Index 2.0 (2016).

Green Index 2.0 (2016)pdf or digital version

Prepared by the e-MFP Microfinance and Environment Action Group under the coordination of the Group co-heads: Marion Allet (PAMIGA), Geert Jan Schuite (ENCLUDE), Davide Forcella (CERMi) and Raluca Dumitrescu (MicroEnergy International), October 2016. 

This is the second publication of the Action Group on the Green Index and marks the first review of the tool (Green Index 2.0). The Green Index was created in 2014 (see here) as an innovative tool to assess the environmental performance of microfinance institutions. The development of such a tool had as objectives to foster reflection on environmental responsibility and the triple bottom line approach in microfinance; promote the integration of green indicators in microfinance performance assessment tools (such as social performance management tools); and have a pedagogical approach by disclosing the main environmental strategies that can be adopted and implemented by an MFI. 

Green Index 2.0 describes the update process and details the standards, essential practices and indicators included which are also in SPI 4 as an optional module. 

Green Index 1.0 (2014): Read the initial version of the Green Index