Jul 03, 2018

As the leading network of financial inclusion experts, the European Microfinance Platform is ideally placed to stimulate debate and discussion on the trends underway in the financial inclusion sector and help forecast those which will drive the direction of the sector in the years ahead.

To this end, we have decided to launch an annual Financial Inclusion Trends Survey, which we hope you will complete. It is a mix of methodologies, giving you the chance to score and comment on the importance and direction of particular financial inclusion trends, as well as to express any opinions on what you think - or hope - will be the future of the sector.

The survey has been designed to not be too onerous or time-consuming. The first section, which we ask everyone to complete, should take about 10 minutes. If you wish to continue further and tell us more, we'd be happy to hear what you have to say in the optional sections 2 and 3. All comments may be reproduced in the report, but you can choose whether they are for attribution or anonymous.

This inaugural survey, which is now open, will remain so until August 27th. After that, the e-MFP team will compile the results into what will become an annual paper, which will launch during this year's European Microfinance Week in November.

Our hope is that this will be the definitive sector trends survey. There is nothing else quite like it, and it should provide an invaluable opportunity to track, year to year, how opinions change and new products, platforms, opportunities and threats emerge. We hope you will take the time to complete it. The quality of the survey will be entirely dependent on the breadth and the depth of the responses we get, and e-MFP really relies on its members - and its other friends - to help us in this new and exciting initiative.

Finally, the survey is an open one, which means you're welcome to share the survey link with colleagues or contacts whose voices we should hear, and who you think would add value to this resource.


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