Feb 01, 2020

Microfinance is innovative by nature: from its inception, it has used financial techniques and banking tools to innovate in the service of inclusion. In an ever-changing world, where new technologies are changing supplier/client relationships and innovation is making a real difference to people's daily lives, financial inclusion is fully committed to this transformation, with many challenges such as reducing operating costs, managing risk, creating new products and services that are more sustainable or more adapted to clients, facilitating proximity and monitoring repayment.

But to realize and commercialize these ideas, innovators and start-ups need funds. How do you find financing when you are an entrepreneur in a southern country, when you are targeting markets that are certainly growing but sometimes considered unstable, when you want to have an impact and contribute to inclusion? What are the investment needs? What opportunities do public and private institutions offer today? We will therefore let an innovator and an investor discuss together and answer these questions in order to understand how their action contributes to poverty reduction, how investment can be used to promote inclusive innovation.

ADA, with the support of Infine.lu and the Directorate for Development and Humanitarian Affairs, is pleased to welcome two exceptional guests on 27 February in the Auditorium of the Banque de Luxembourg:

  • Jean-Baptiste Lenoir, Co-founder & President of Qotto, an African start-up,
  • Jean-Philippe De Schrevel, Founder and Managing Partner of Bamboo Capital Partners, one of the world's largest investment funds focused on impact financing and start-ups.

This debate (in French) will be moderated by Laura Foschi, Executive Director of ADA. Manuel Tonnar, Deputy Director of the Directorate for Development and Humanitarian Affairs of the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, will conclude the meeting.

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