Dec 06, 2017

Many thanks to our media partners for the excellent coverage of EMW 2017:


Clients Come Clean on Sneaking Contraception, Practitioners Move from Serving Women to Empowering Households as European Microfinance Week Closes

Zemidjam Motorbike Drivers in Benin, Civil Service Retirees in Senegal Participate in Human-centered Design of Mobile Money Products

Finding Markets First, Adding Value Post-harvest to Engage Youth in Agriculture

Registering Property, Charging Up to 3% Monthly Interest, Promoting Local Currency for Housing Loans at European Microfinance Week

Scaling Up Implementation of Social Performance Management at European Microfinance Week

Rural Outreach and Innovation Action Group Highlights Apps, Soil Test Kits, Funding Agricultural Cooperatives

European Microfinance Week Opens: Microfinance and Environment Action Group Celebrates Rollout of Solar Products in Central America, Ethiopia, Philippines; Turns Eye to Scaling Up

HR Challenges Within MFIs at European Microfinance Week: “Banking Is People”

“Lessons from Micro-leasing” at European Microfinance Week

Who Is Responsible in a Microfinance Equity Exit?

Christoph Pausch of e-MFP on Housing Finance and the 2017 European Microfinance Award

Le Portail de la Microfinance

Financement de l'habitat : état des lieux

La technologie risque-t-elle d'être un facteur d'exclusion plutôt que d'inclusion financière ?

Microfinance Gateway

More Than Just a House: Building Sustainable Homes for Rural Communities in Mexico

Microfinance for Housing: State of Play

The Transformative Role of Insurance in African Agriculture

What Are the Funding Gaps in Housing Microfinance?


New Products, New Markets – New Risks? Microfinance Shifts its Gaze to Housing

Will Microfinance Still Exist 10 Years From Now? Thoughts from European Microfinance Week

Live from European Microfinance Week: Watch Recordings of Friday's Two Plenary Sessions:
"Women clients ≠ women empowerment: Beyond the numbers" and "Microfinance: positioning ourselves for the next decade"


Customer Needs Should Drive Design and Evolution of Financial Services

Q&A: Bridging the Financial Services Gap for Rural and Agricultural Customers

Development Finance

Mexican housing finance institution wins 2017 European Microfinance Award

Fintech needs stable government to serve Nigeria's unbanked

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