Nov 20, 2018

Many thanks to our media partners for the excellent coverage of EMW 2018:


Despite a “Solid” Willingness to Invest in Microinsurance, a “Terrifying” Lack of Coverage

15k Refugees in Uganda Receive Assistance via AirTel Mobile Money, Cutting Delivery Costs by 47%, Boosting Speed by 42%, Reducing “Money Truck” Problems: UNCDF Reports at European Microfinance Week

RUFI Crosses Border with Refugees from South Sudan, Opens Doors in Uganda; Breaking MFIs’ Stereotypes About Victims of Conflict – Insights from European Microfinance Week

Supported by NGOs; Bank Linkages Correlate with Lower Repayment, More Dropouts

Advans Cote d’Ivoire Wins $113k European Microfinance Award for Inclusive Finance Through Technology

Randomized Controlled Trial Shows Significant Impact from Financial Education in Uganda

Matching Rules of Thumb with Clients in Eastern Europe and Central Asia: Financial Education at EMW

Measuring the Impact of Energy Access, Bringing Climate Data into Agricultural Lending Methodologies with the Yapu App at European Microfinance Week

Green Inclusive and Climate Smart Finance Action Group Convenes on First Day of European Microfinance Week Regarding Its Green Index, Study Tour in Bangladesh, Impact Measurement Ideas

A Model from Cambodia for Preventing Overheating – Not Just Multiple Lending; to be Presented at European Microfinance Week; November 14-16, 2018


FinDev Gateway

Don’t Let Digitization Create More Inefficiencies

How Did Advans Côte d'Ivoire Win the European Microfinance Award?

What Is Crowdfunding and How Could It Help Financial Inclusion?

Go Big by Going Small: Serving the Needs of Smallholder Farmers

Portail FinDev

Des services financiers numériques au service des cultivateurs de cacao et de la scolarité de leurs enfants

Qu’est-ce que le financement participatif et comment pourrait-il contribuer à l’inclusion financière ?

Voir grand en visant petit : répondre aux besoins des petits agriculteurs


On the Ground at European Microfinance Week: Discussing Technology’s Threat and Promise – and Financial Services for Refugees

PayGo vs. MFIs: What Works Better for Energy Access Consumer Financing – And Does it Have to Be Either/Or?


The investor perspective on driving financial inclusion through technology

Insights from a Kenyan fintech leader

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