Oct 19, 2021

Launch of pilot initiative: EMW2021 Training Days

e-MFP is pleased to announce the launch of the first EMW2021 Training Days, conducted within the framework of European Microfinance Week 2021.

Taking place on the 15th and 16th of November, this is an online training programme, hosted and convened by e-MFP, aiming to bring our members and other financial inclusion actors together to build capacity, reduce knowledge and skills gaps, and learn from some of the world's best training providers in the digital and financial inclusion sector.

This pilot initiative allows participants to choose training courses from a range on offer at special prices for e-MFP members and participants based in the Global South. The courses are provided in English, French, and Spanish, and cover a wide range of emerging and topical issues in the sector, including:

  • digital transformation,
  • new business models in the post-Covid world,
  • building customer centric institutions,
  • governance and management of MFIs,
  • social impact management, and
  • organisational resilience, among others.

Please see here for a detailed agenda and registration.

The programme was defined based on a training needs assessment survey among e-MFP members, prepared with the support of the Helix Institute at MSC, and on-going conversations with the training providers involved in the project – The Academy of German Cooperatives (ADG), Amarante Consulting, Dr. Birgit Galemann (IFD), International Labour Organization (ILO), The Helix Institute at MSC, Toronto Centre, University of Zurich, and Women’s World Banking.

For any questions on the EMW2021 Training Days, please contact Joana Afonso at jafonso@e-mfp.eu



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