Jun 21, 2017

Philippe Breul, founder of PHB Development, will teach in the French language sessions of the Boulder Microfinance Training Program, which will be held from 17 July to 4 August 2017 in Turin, Italy. In 2 one-week courses, he will share his experience and strategies in implementing digital finance.

The first course will address opportunities and strategies for microfinance institutions to integrate digital financial services (DFS) into their operations. Mr. Breul will work directly with course participants on what models can be most effective in their environment. “The best cases where successful methods have been developed and implemented will be examined, as well as initiatives that have failed. It’s of course important to learn from both,” he said.

“In the second course, we will explore various agent network strategies: using an existing agent network or building, managing and improving one’s own. In this aspect, establishing strong partnerships with stakeholders such as technical service providers and mobile network operators is key to progress.”

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