Nov 09, 2018

Agri-Wallet, Apollo Agriculture and VanderSat are the 3 winners of the NpM Innovator’s Challenge! Each winner received EUR 125,000 to pilot their solutions in an implementation project.

Geospatial information technologies are available for smallholder farmers to boost agricultural production, however the link to finance is hardly ever made. In order to increase their yields, smallholder farmers need finance to buy inputs and fertilizers, to invest in storage facilities, among other things. The NpM Innovator’s Challenge incentivized technology companies to transform their geodata-based solutions for smallholder farmers and make them available for the financial sector. The three winning concepts put forward innovative ideas:

  • Through blockchain technology, Agri-wallet and Geodatics will combine different sources of geodata, farmers' profiles and crop growth models to provide effective, time and location specific advice to farmers, while simultaneously lowering financial risk for FSPs, farmers and other value chain actors.
  • Apollo Agriculture's solution uses agronomic machine learning, remote sensing technology, and mobile phones to deliver the tools farmers need to increase their yields, and the credit to afford them.
  • VanderSat's solution aims to develop a risk assessment platform for FSPs, TARA (Tool for Agricultural Risk Advice) would translate satellite data into information of local crops conditions, farmers practices and the capacity of smallholder to cope with climate change. The other 3 finalists of the NpM Innovator’s Challenge, Alethiom, Financial Access and Satelligence, and Impact Terra also pitched their inspiring proposals at the Accenture Innovation Awards Summit, on November 2nd.

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