Nov 26, 2015

Thanks to our media partners MicroCapital, NextBillion, Microfinance Gateway and Le Portail de la Microfinance, for their excellent coverage of European Microfinance Week:


Good News, "Painful" News About Digital Finance at the Final Day of European Microfinance Week

Serving Youth: Back-to-School Savings Promotions, Lower Loan Portfolio-at-Risk (PAR) Ratios

How Microinsurance Affected Mongolian Herders Rebuilding After Drought

Crédit Rural de Guinée Wins $110k European Microfinance Award for Response to Ebola

On Financial Stability, Inclusion, Exclusion and "Big Mistakes"

Mariel Mensink Presents Agri-Finance Lending Scorecard to Rural Outreach and Innovation Action Group at e-MFP's European Microfinance Week

e-MFP's Microfinance & Environment Action Group Focuses on Quantitative Measures

Anne Contreras and Christoph Pausch of e-MFP on European Microfinance Week, Sustainable Growth, Serving Clients in Zones Affected by Boko Haram


Microfinance in a Dangerous World: European Microfinance Week Tackles Some Weighty Topics

Microfinance Gateway

Sustainability, the Zeitgeist in Inclusion at European Microfinance Week 2015

Crédit Rural de Guinée Demonstrates How to Build Resilience in the Face of Ebola

Crédit Rural de Guinée Wins 6th European Microfinance Award, for Innovative Response to Ebola Outbreak

European Microfinance Week 2015 Focuses on Financial Inclusion for Sustainable Development

Le Portail de la Microfinance

La réponse innovante du Crédit Rural de Guinée à l'épidémie d'Ebola

Crédit Rural de Guinée remporte le 6 ème Prix Européen de la Microfinance pour sa réponse innovante
à l'épidémie d'Ebola

SPI-ALINUS : un nouvel outil de mesure de la performance sociale au service des investisseurs

Les véhicules d'investissement en microfinance et le défi de la performance sociale

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