Mar 21, 2023

The Green Map is a project of the e-MFP Green Inclusive & Climate Smart Finance Action Group (GICSF-AG) developed with the support of the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Started in December 2022, the project aims to map green inclusive finance projects and inclusive finance actors' best practices in both adaptation to and mitigation of climate change and more broadly coping with environmental degradation and promoting sustainable environmental practices.

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Why a Green Map?

It’s hard to access information on green inclusive finance.
Currently, there is no common place to look for structured information on existing initiatives on green inclusive finance, or the lessons learnt from pilot initiatives already finalised. 

The GICSF-AG Green Index 3.0 has been recently released, and, thanks to the joint work of CERISE+SPTF and the GICSF-AG, Environment is part of the new Universal Standards for Social and Environmental Performance. FSPs are and will be assessed on their environmental performance. To support their capacity to improve their environmental performance it would be ideal to have some best practices per each Essential Practices of the Green Index 3.0, however these are not yet available. 

The Green Map aims to change that

What will we do?

We will collect, structure and report information in an open database.
This project aims to collect, structure, and report information in an online database (aka, the Green Map), accessible to all stakeholders in inclusive finance, and publicly available in the webpage of the e-MFP GICSF-AG. The Green Map will allow easy access to information on green inclusive finance projects, along the framework of the Green Index 3.0 so that there is a common frame of reference to analyse the initiatives.

Adding to the online database, the project will also include new case studies and a report summarising best practices along the standards and essential practices of the Green Index 3.0.

Learn more about the Green Map

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