Sep 28, 2023

e-MFP and the e-MFP Green Inclusive & Climate Smart Finance Action Group are delighted to launch the Green Map

The effects of climate change and environmental degradation and their stronger impact on poor and vulnerable populations in the developing countries is undeniable, and the advantaged position and role of inclusive finance actors in these countries in the implementation of mitigation of and adaptation to climate change strategies is increasingly recognised.

In recent years, Green Inclusive Finance has become a major focus for all stakeholders involved in the inclusive finance sector, and while many are taking the first steps in this path, others including the e-MFP Green Inclusive and Climate Smart Finance Action Group (GICSF-AG), have been working and raising awareness in this area for more than a decade.

e-MFP and the GICSF-AG are delighted to launch The Green Map - Addressing Climate Change via An Open Resource for Green Inclusive Finance Projects & Practices -  which is a project of the e-MFP GICSF-AG implemented with the financial support of the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The project maps green inclusive finance projects and inclusive finance actors' best practices in both adaptation to and mitigation of climate change and more broadly coping with environmental degradation and promoting sustainable environmental practices. The lack of a common place where to find structured information on existing initiatives on green inclusive finance, or the lessons learnt from pilot initiatives already finalized has been a need identified by the e-MFP GICSF-AG members for some time resulting in green inclusive finance being perceived as a new and risky field.

The Green Map provides Financial Service Providers (FSPs), microfinance networks, and the various stakeholders in the sector looking for examples to learn from, a space to find information not only on practices and projects but also on potential partners and allies in the in the quest to mainstream ‘Green’ in the normal activities of inclusive finance actors.

The ultimate goal of the project is to serve as inspiration and a source of knowledge for organisations who want to engage in green inclusive finance and to facilitate this engagement.

Explore the Green Map here

Watch the recording of the Green Map launch event

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