Aug 24, 2015

The EcoMicro Program, co-funded by the Inter-American Development Bank's Multilateral Investment Fund and the Nordic Development Fund, recently commissioned a study on The State of and Perspectives on Green Microfinance in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) which will be presented at the Foromic conference, October 26th-28th.

The main objectives of the study are to:

-provide a picture of the current green microfinance market in LAC
-describe the main actors involved in green microfinance in LAC, the green products provided, and the main programs implemented in the region
-illustrate various strategies and business models
-investigate the main challenges and opportunities
-provide a picture of the prospective market and demand for green microfinance in LAC

Davide Forcella, PhD, Researcher at ULB-CERMi, is leading this study for EcoMicro. Forcella, together with his team: Marion Allet (PAMIGA-CERMi), Frédéric Huybrechs (UA-IOB), and Davide Castellani (Universita di Bergamo), is presently collecting information concerning all relevant initiatives, MFIs, investors, networks, etc.

If you are interested in contributing information on your own experience, expertise, opinion, and vision, please contact Davide Forcella at: In your message, please tell us if you would be interested in participating in a one-on-one interview concerning green microfinance in LAC.

We would appreciate hearing your responses to any or all of the following questions.
Thank you for your interest and your valuable contributions.

1- What are the past-present and future programmes in Green MF in LAC ?

2- What are the most relevant documents discussing green MF (reports, papers, blogs, etc.) in LAC ?

3- Who are the most relevant supporting institutions (international NGOs, development banks, etc. like IADB, FS-UNEP, ADA, MEI, Enclude, Kiva, Entrepreneur du Monde, etc.) that are supporting the development of Green MF in LAC ?

4- Who are the MFIs that have any green MF product, or that had in past a green MF product, or that you know that are planning to develop such products ?

5- Who are the relevant investors, that are presently investing in Green MF in LAC, or that could be interested in investing in Green MF in LAC in the near future ? But also the investors that are supporting related activities in LAC: providers of energy devices, agricultural lending, access to water, etc.

6-Who are the (local) network (like Redcamif, Redcom, etc.) that are presently supporting, or that could be interested in supporting the development of Green MF in LAC ?

7- Who are the main technical providers (energy, water etc, but also improved seeds, organic certifications etc..) in LAC that could support the development of Green MF in LAC ?

8-At the public level: who are the main institutions that are already engaged in supporting relevant activities that could be useful for Green MF in LAC ?

9-Are there any relevant alternative models, like "pay as you go", or others that are presently providing services similar to green MF in LAC, or that they could be interesting in the near future?

10- What are according to you the main challenges and opportunities for Green MF in LAC ?

11- What are the market prospectives, and the demand for green MF in LAC ?

12- What would be the most relevant strategies to scale up green MF programs in LAC ?

Any suggestion you feel relevant for the present study are more than welcome.

We would like to thank you a lot for your valuable support.

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