Sep 02, 2019


Last summer, the European Microfinance Platform launched its first annual survey of financial inclusion trends – the results from which were produced in the Financial Inclusion Compass 2018. The survey provided an invaluable opportunity to gauge attitudes and perspectives on various current (and predicted) sector trends, to ‘take the pulse’ of the sector by those working within it, and over time, to compare how attitudes change.

The first survey and the Compass publication were a success, and therefore e-MFP is delighted to launch the second edition.

There have been some changes based on feedback received. Some questions have been removed. Some have been added. Others will be rotated in and out, so will be missing this year but we’ll come back to in the future. But like before, it is mixed methodology, meaning it asks both for some scoring/ranking on the one hand, and your comments on the other. Finally, this year the survey can be completed in French or Spanish in addition to English.

It has been designed to not be too time-consuming. The first section, which everyone is asked to complete, should take about 10 minutes. If you wish to continue further and tell more, e-MFP would be happy to hear what you have to say in the optional sections 2 and 3. All comments may be reproduced in the report, but you can choose whether they are for attribution or anonymous.

The survey will remain open until 9th September. After that, the e-MFP team will compile and analyse the results and present them in the Financial Inclusion Compass 2019, to be published in late November during European Microfinance Week.

e-MFP hopes you will complete this survey, as its growing value will depend on the quality, breadth and the depth of the responses received.

Finally, the survey is an open one, which means you’re welcome to forward a survey link to colleagues or contacts whose voices should be heard, and who you think would add value to this resource. 

The survey in English

Le questionnaire en français

El cuestionario en español

e-MFP looks forward to publishing and discussing the results of the 2019 Compass in November!

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