May 04, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought upon us the responsibility to create awareness, influence precautionary behavior, and drive safety of the weak and the vulnerable. MSC has developed a series conversational comics that can help microfinance institutions (MFIs) inform their frontline staff members and also their customers and the wider community on such issues as workplace safety, safe cash handling, customer etiquette, and personal safety measures.

These books can be customized to meet the needs of country-specific guidelines, institutions, and customers. Hindi and Bengali versions are already available on the Covid19 section of MSC's website and MSC will share the source files if others want to translate them into other languages – the comic books were prepared in Adobe Illustrator and InDesign 2020. Feel free to spread them around and join us in fighting back. 

Download the comics in English here:

Source: MSC

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