Jan 07, 2020

The boards and general assemblies of CIDR (Centre International de Développement et de Recherche) and Pamiga (Participatory Microfinance Group for Africa) agreed to merge and create a new entity: CIDR Pamiga. Shared values, complementarity of expertise, and a common vision of development in rural Africa motivated this merger. Together, CIDR Pamiga will provide a joint delivery of technical assistance and funding to build inclusive economic ecosystems based on digital platforms and customized business services. The new organization will also provide technical assistance for investors in impact monitoring and management.

Africa has seen significant economic growth at 3.9 percent on average during the past decade, compared to a global growth of 2.4 percent. Growth drivers include agro-ecological and digital technologies and widespread adoption of mobile phones. Nevertheless, challenges remain for households and small businesses, especially in rural areas. In response, CIDR Pamiga aims to facilitate access to financing, energy, water, and agriculture markets for households and small businesses.

To build inclusive ecosystems for economic development, CIDR Pamiga will work with local stakeholders including agribusinesses, financial service providers, agricultural input suppliers, local governments, and investors. CIDR Pamiga aims to facilitate the distribution of goods and services to customers with more efficient and secure distribution models, increase the speed and reliability of transactions among stakeholders, and achieve economies of scale to help key stakeholders grow their operations. Four pilot projects will be implemen ed in Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda.

"Grounded in local communities since their origin, both CIDR and Pamiga share the conviction that collaboration with local economic and political actors is the key to values-based, inclusive, and sustainable development. All that remained was to add the cutting-edge aspect of digital technology."

"The merger of CIDR and Pamiga is the result of careful deliberation over the past year among staff and the boards of both organizations. The two organizations share strong values, with a focus on field-based solutions. With this merger, our renewed energy unites us and will help us achieve 1 + 1 = 3."
Yannis Wendling, Board Chairman, CIDR Pamiga.

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