Dec 01, 2022

Relive the European Microfinance Week ( #EMW2022 ) plenary sessions on 'Building a Responsible Digital Finance Ecosystem'; 'Financial Inclusion that Works for Women' and 'Understanding Financial Education and Financial Health' and  'Big Questions for Today and Tomorrow' in the videos:

Plenary 1 [Opening]: 'Building a Responsible Digital Finance Ecosystem'

Welcome: Christoph Pausch, e-MFP
Opening remarks: Geneviève Hengen, Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs – Directorate for Development Cooperation

Plenary on building a responsible digital finance ecosystem moderated by Tidhar Wald from Better than Cash Alliance. The plenary will have the participation of  Amelia Greenberg presenting SPTF's work to develop new Standards for Responsible DFS , and Eric Duflos showcasing CGAP's extensive work on digitalisation, including research on the new consumer risks associated with DFS and the development of an ecosystem approach to Responsible DFS, as well as Jeroen Harteveld from FMO and Demet Canakci from Toronto Centre who will respectively present the perspective of investors and of sector regulators and supervisors on the topic.

Plenary 2: 'Financial Inclusion that Works for Women'

Many MFIs focus on women clients and state that the gender gap with respect to account access has narrowed. Yet the gender gap in products such as insurance remains very real, representing a missed opportunity to build the resilience of women and children. In this session, we discuss about women's evolving needs and aspirations from different perspectives and how to better address them through the provision of financial and non-financial services.

With: Florian Berndt, GIZ;  Mary Ellen Iskenderian, Women's World Banking; Katharine Pulvermacher, Microinsurance Network;  Carine Roenen, Fonkoze Foundation; Barbara Magnoni, EA Consultants and Evaline Angole, Grameen Foundation Uganda


Plenary 3: 'Understanding Financial Education and Financial Health'

Over the last two decades, financial education (FE) has played an important role amongst many national and international institutions to strengthen individuals’ decision-making capabilities to access and use financial services. In recent years, financial health (FH) has become a central approach to define financial services users' financial wellbeing. Individuals’ decisions are influenced by their level of FE and the impact on their FH. However, the relationship between FE and FH is not always evident. How these are defined and measured can help understand how they interact.

In this session organised by the e-MFP “From Research to Practice” Action Group, speakers will dicuss these topics based on initial investigation and field experience from Opportunity International, UNCDF, FSD Kenya and MSC.

With: Max Niño-Zarazua, Independent Consultant, Financial Inclusion & International Development; Davide Castellani; Professor of Banking and Finance, University of Bergamo; Jaspreet Singh, UNCDF: Lydia Baffour Awuah, Opportunity International UK; Anup Singh, MicroSave Consulting (MSC); Amrik Heyer, FSD Kenya; Waruguru Ituu, Financial Education Consultant, e-MFP "Research to Practice AG".

Plenary 4 [Closing]: 'Big Questions for Today and Tomorrow'

With: Sophie Sirtaine, CGAP; Marc Labie, University Mons; Yannick Milev, Chamroeun; Olga Biosca, Glasgow Caledonian University (Moderator) who were invited to answer three questions – on recent past sector successes, past disappointments, and greatest future opportunities.

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