Jun 01, 2023

e-MFP is pleased to share with you the Second Research Digest, "Building a Bridge Between Financial Education and Financial Health", a publication of the ‘From Research to Practice and Back Again’ Action Group (AG) aiming to explore research needs of practitioners by compiling and translating research conducted in the sector into practitioner-friendly language.

This publication focuses on understanding the relationship between financial education (FE) and financial health (FH), a still under-researched topic which is gaining traction among practitioners and researchers having been identified as one of the top research needs in a survey among financial inclusion practitioners conducted by the AG.

During the second half of 2022, a team of researchers composed of the AG Heads, Davide Castellani and Max Niño-Zarazua and consultants Patricia López and Waruguru Ituu delved into the concepts/definitions, dimensions, and indicators related to FE and FH, and collected insights on practice from relevant stakeholders, including OECD, UNCDF, MSC, and Opportunity International in order to shed light on the relationships between FE and FH, and how these can ultimately contribute to improve the lives of low-income populations.

We hope this Research Digest #2 contributes to raise awareness on the topic. If you are interested in knowing more about the work of the AG, please contact jafonso@e-mfp.eu.

Read Building a Bridge Between Financial Education and Financial Health

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