Jul 15, 2020

During the current Covid-19 crisis BFC Consulting are pleased to provide free Q&A sessions with our expert consultants online to respond to any relevant questions you may have every second Thursday of the month.

Find out more information about what these sessions will entail from BFC’s CEO Michael Kortenbusch.


Webinar dates:

July 30 @ 3PM CET
#1 Digital Transformation—How to Get On With It?

August 13 @ 10AM CET
#2 Digitizing Financial Services to MSMEs

August 27 @ 10AM CET
#3 Managing Data in the Digital Age

September 10 @ 10AM CET
#4 Making Digitization Happen Through Smart Partnerships

September 24 @ 10AM CET
#5 Talent Development in the Digital Age

For more information and to register click here

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